Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Censorship Alert: No Mandatory Internet IDS

Have you heard? Commerce Secretary Gary Locke just announced that he's developing virtual ID cards for Internet users -- and they could pose a severe threat to our privacy! The program's called the "National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace” and the draft proposal indicates thatwe'd be forced to use the IDs for any online transactions with the government, and for online interactions with businesses that use them. 
If the system is fully implemented you'll have one centralized Internet identity, making it even easier to track your online activity.  The government shouldn't be forcing Americans to use Internet ID cards: Will you take a stand for Internet privacy by signing on at right?

PETITION TO COMMERCE SECRETARY GARY LOCKE: The government doesn't have the right to force Americans to use Internet ID cards:  You need to make sure the program maintains Internet users' rights to privacy and anonymity.

Censorship Alert: Urge Congress to reject the Protect IP Act

We're forcing them to take our concerns seriously: Demand Progress members have sent more than 50,000 emails to Senators to urge them to oppose the Internet Blacklist Bill (the PROTECT IP Act).  Now we're hearing back from them, and one thing is clear: Our emails are compelling Senators to start thinking hard about Internet freedom.  

PROTECT IP would give the government the power to force Internet service providers, search engines, and other "information location tools" to block users' access to sites that have been accused of copyright infringement -- the initiation of a China-style censorship regime here in the United States.
Senators are writing back to let us know that our emails are making them think twice before rubber-stamping PROTECT IP.  For instance, Oregon's Jeff Merkley is telling Demand Progress members:

I have heard from many Oregonians on both sides of this issue – those who support providing U.S. agencies with greater authority to shut down websites, and those who are worried that the legislation could result in Internet censorship. Thanks to your letter and the letters of fellow Oregonians, I have asked my staff to take a closer look into this legislation.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 Cast

Bachelor Pad 2 Cast are:

The Woman
Gia Allemand (Season 14, Season 1(Bachelor Pad))
Holly Durst (Season 12)
Vienna Girardi (Season 14)
Jackie Gordon (Season 15)
Michelle Money (Season 15)
Ella Nolan (Season 14)
Erica Rose (Season 9)
Melissa Schreiber (Season 15)
Alli Travis (Season 15)

The Man
Graham Bunn (Season 4)
Kirk Dewindt (Season 6)
Kasey Kahl (Season 6)
Jake Pavelka (Season 14)
Justin "Rated R" Rego (Season 6)
Michael Stagliano (Season 5)
3 Guys from (The Bachelorette, Season 7-Ashley Hebert)

Twitter Feedback: Vacation Wishlist

Hi My Zombie Readers,

Summer is already here and people are tweeting their vacation wishlist on twitter. My vacation wishlist is Australia, Hawaii, California, Bahamas (again), Grand Turk(again), and more. Here is twitter feedback on vacation wishlist.

 Eduardo Xol 

Censorship Alert: Apple want create kill switch.

Dear Steve Jobs, 
As you know, smartphones are extensions of ourselves: They are incredibly powerful tools for communication, education, political expression, community organizing and plain fun.
That's why I'm concerned that Apple wants to patent a sensor that would detect when people are using their phone cameras -- and give corporations the power to shut them down. 
And as we’ve seen in Egypt and elsewhere, the images and videos we take with our phones can be powerful forms of free speech. That's why governments and businesses that feel threatened by the democratizing nature of mobile devices are doing what they can to control how we use them.
If this tool fell into the hands of repressive regimes or malicious corporations, it would give tyrants and companies the power to silence one of the most critical forms of free expression. 
I urge you to immediately stop plans to develop cellphone censorship technology.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Anthony Weiner

Everyone and including President Obama want Anthony Weiner to step down from congress. Here is twitter feedback on Rep. Anthony Weiner.

 Donna Cahill