Friday, October 29, 2010

New York 2010 Election Guide-Part 3

(Cont) US House of Representatives

District 18
Nita Lowery (D) Incumbent
Jim Russell (R)

District 19
John Hall (D) Incumbent
Nan Hayworth (R)

District 20
Scott Murphy (D) Incumbent
Chris Gibson (R)

District 21
Paul Tonko (D) Incumbent
Ted Banz (R)

District 22
Maurice Hinchey (D) Incumbent
George Phillips (R)

District 23
Bill Owens (D) Incumbent
Matthew A. Dohney (R)

District 24
Michael Arcuri (D) Incumbent
Richard L. Hanna (R)

District 25
Dan Maffei (D) Incumbent
Ann Marie Buerkle

District 26
Chris Lee (R) Incumbent
Philip A. Fedele (D)

District 27
Brain Higgins (D) Incumbent
Leonard Roberto (R)

District 28
Louis  Slaughter (D) Incumbent
Jill A. Rowland (R)

District 29-Open Race
Matthew Zeller (D)
Tom Reed (R)

Vote Tuesday November 2, 2010!!!

New York 2010 Election Guide-Part 2

(Cont) US House of Representative

District 8
Jerry Nader (D) Incubment
Susan Kone (R)

District 9
Anthony Weiner (D) Incumbent
Bob Turner (R)

District 10
Ed Towns (D) Incumbent
Diana Muniz (R)
Ernest Johnson (C)

District 11
Yvette Clarke (D) Incumbent
Hugh C. Carr (R)

District 12
Nydia Velazquez (D) Incumbent
Alice Gaffney (R)

District 13
Michael McMahon (D) Incumbent
Michael Grimm (R)
Tom Vendittlli (L)

District 14
Carolyn Maloney (D) Incumbent
David Ryan Brumberg(R)
Timothy J. Healy (C)
Dino L. Laverghetta (I)

District 15 
Charles B. Rangel (D) Incumbent
Michel Faulkner (R)
Craig Schley (I)
Roger Calero (S)

District 16
Jose Serrano (D) Incumbent
Frank Della Valle (R)

District 17
Eliot Engel (D) Incumbent
Anthony Mele (R)
York Kleinhandler (C)

New York 2010 Election Guide-Part 1

Andrew Cuomo (D)
Carl Paladino (R)

Attorney General
Eric  Schneiderman (D)
Daniel Donovan (R)

Thomas DiNapoli (D)
Harry Wilson (R)
John Gaetani (L)
Rus Thompson (T)

New York State Senate
All 62 seats of the New York State Senate will an election. District 1 to 62

New York State Assembly
All 150 seats of the New York State Assembly will an election. District 1 to 150

United States Senate
Chuck Schumer (D) Incumbent
Jay Townsend (R)

Special Election
Joe DioGuardi (R)
Kristen Gillbrand(D) Incumbent

US House of Representative

District 1
Tom Bishop (D) Incumbent
Randy Altschuler (R)

District 2
Steve Isreal (D) Incumbent
John Gomez (R)

District 3
Peter T. King (R) Incumbent
Howard Kudler (D)

District 4
Carolyn McCarthy(D) Incumbent
Francis Becker (R)

District 5
Gary Ackerman (D) Incumbent
Dr. James Milano (R)
Elizabeth Berney (T)

District 6 
Gregory Meek (D) Incumbent
Asher Taub (R)

District 7
Joe Crowley (D) Incumbent
Ken Reynolds (R)
Anthony Gronowicz (G)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Twitter Feedback: TV Show Hellcats

My second fall TV guilty pleasure is The CW Hellcats.

watchin  i'm in love with this show i wanna b a cheerleader lol we don't do that here shooks

i love  so much!!!

 Ashley McLean 
This show is growing on me...starting to love it! 

Haha louis got bought from a old man 

DO IT!... they need the money!... 

bachelor/bachelorette auction on . wonder how much I'd get?

 Edisha Bryant 
Watching  Love This Show... Its like  & Put together!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twitter Feedback: Audrina & Tony

Audrina and Tony were eliminated tonight on Dancing with the Stars. It's was Kurt & Anna night to go home. Len said that it was unacceptable to see Audrina & Tony and Jennifer & Derek in the bottom two.
Wake Up America!!! Please send Kurt & Anna home next week to fix this injustice.

Well America got it wrong tonight! I'm disappointed...

 Jillian Fowler 
 soooo upsetting can't believe audrina was voted off!

 Paula C 
totally outraged that Audrina got voted off I pegged her to be in the finals definitely not watching  anymore this season

Whattt... Audrina's gone from ?!? NOT okay.

 Sara Yu 
This is truly the worse shocking & elimination ever in history of @ @ America GOT IT ALL WRONG!!!!!

 Callie W 
Audrina was robbed! Cant believe she was voted off! .

noooooooooo! why is Audrina leaving?! :( 

 Kayla G Blanchard 
is SUPERRRRRRR upset with . @ & @ yall should have been in the finals!!! IM GONNA CRY! :(

@ im sooooooo sad that @ is no longer on =(