Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twitter Feedback: Audrina & Tony

Audrina and Tony were eliminated tonight on Dancing with the Stars. It's was Kurt & Anna night to go home. Len said that it was unacceptable to see Audrina & Tony and Jennifer & Derek in the bottom two.
Wake Up America!!! Please send Kurt & Anna home next week to fix this injustice.

Well America got it wrong tonight! I'm disappointed...

 Jillian Fowler 
 soooo upsetting can't believe audrina was voted off!

 Paula C 
totally outraged that Audrina got voted off I pegged her to be in the finals definitely not watching  anymore this season

Whattt... Audrina's gone from ?!? NOT okay.

 Sara Yu 
This is truly the worse shocking & elimination ever in history of @ @ America GOT IT ALL WRONG!!!!!

 Callie W 
Audrina was robbed! Cant believe she was voted off! .

noooooooooo! why is Audrina leaving?! :( 

 Kayla G Blanchard 
is SUPERRRRRRR upset with . @ & @ yall should have been in the finals!!! IM GONNA CRY! :(

@ im sooooooo sad that @ is no longer on =(

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