Friday, October 1, 2010

Obama is Misdirecting America!!!

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Mr. President,

Because you refuse to believe that Americans overwhelmingly oppose your failed, out-of-touch progressive policies, let us be clear ONCE AND FOR ALL. As Americans – both within the Tea Party and the nation as a whole – we stand united in opposition to your radical agenda, including but not limited to:

- Generation-robbing deficits which threaten to destroy the American dream for all posterity; 
- Crippling new cap-and-trade taxes on energy, hikes in the personal income tax, and a host of other redistributionist tax schemes that rob the American people of the fruits of their labor;
- Government takeovers of our healthcare system and freedom-crushing individual mandates; 
- Bailouts of irresponsible and rightfully-failing banks, businesses and labor unions; 
- Foolish economic theories which have deepened our recession and sent unemployment skyrocketing. 

Any further pursuit of these policies will not only lead to disastrous consequences for our beloved Republic, but will result in a crushing rejection of your agenda at the polls.

We are NOT misdirected. We know exactly what the problem is... 


Get the picture now?

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