Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tweet News: June 27, 2013

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The Tweet News Headlines for Thursday June 27, 2013.

@Drudge Report
Charges filed against MF Corzine.

@Breaking News
Press Conference on Indictment of Boston Marathon bombing supect Dzhohar Tsarnaev.

@NY Financial News
Stocks, bonds rise on easing fear of early Fed exit.

Ecuador renounces trade pact us "blackmail".

@Business Insider
UH OH: The E*Trade baby is probably going into retirement.

@Huffington Post
Have astronomers found new form of matter.

@Global Voices
Twitter users stand with @ggreenwald.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tweet News: June 26, 2013

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The Tweet News Headlines for Wednesday June 26, 2013.

Patriot Player Aaron Hernandez charged with murder.

Is Google secretly a poet?

@USA Today
Gambino family picked new godfather.

@HufPost Politics
When will same-sex weddings resume in California.

@Business Insider
Apple Co- Founder Steve Wozniak say Edward Snowden is a hero.

Famous converted Jihadist' issues DMCA Takedowns on videos later shown false.

@CNN Breaking News
Former South African President Nelson Mandela is on life support, an official briefed on his condition said.

@Drudge Report
Layoff at CNN.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tweet News: June 25, 2013

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The Tweet News Headlines for Tuesday June 25, 2013.
Breaking News: Edward Snowden will not be handed over to US since he hasn't committed any crime in Russia.

@NBC News
Breaking News: #SCOTUS rules on voting right act.

@NY Post
Bloomberg using NYC Funds to lobby in Nevada.

@Breaking News
Measure of US Consumer confidence hits highest level since January 2008 on better job outlook.

@Huffington Post
Another "Taken"?

@Reuters Business
Consumer confidence highest in over five years in June.

Barnes & Noble's Nook Business is shrinking.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tweet News: June 24, 2013

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The Tweet News Headlines for Monday June 24, 2013.

TLC replacing late member Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes-upset relatives

@NPR News
Senate adds border security measure to Immigration reform.

@NBC News
New Bird Flu kills more a third--less deadly than earlier virus.
Supreme court ruling encourages supporters and opponents of affirmation action.

@CBS News
The hunt for Edward Snowden
Kerry warns Russia on Snowden "Respect the relationship".

@Reuters Top News
Lebanon face tumult after Syria-related clashes.

@Huffington Post
Top regulator make groundbreaking claims on student debt.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blogathon #21: Tweet News: June 22, 2013 (Evening Edition)

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The Tweet News Headlines for Saturday June 22, 2013.

@The Huffington Post
Miley Cyrus's jacket has a rude message for you.

@Los Angeles Times
Gaza Strip erupts in cheer as singer from refugee camp is named "Arab Idol".

@NBC News
Supermoon hits prime time for fans around the world and in orbit.

@Anonymous News
Stores evacuated in Chester County, Pennsylvania, due to gas tank spill.
Brazil: 150K Protest against government corruption.

Facebook bug exposed contact info of 6M users.

Blogathon #20: Web Location Page Checklist

Web Location Page Checklist
add more on the list

Blogathon #19: Global Voices Advocacy: Everyone's right are at stake: Glob

The next article comes from Global Voices Advocacy. The article was written by Ellery Robert Biddle and posted on June 14, 2013.

Last week's revelations about phone and Internet surveillance programs of the US government's National Security Agency (NSA) sent shock waves throughout the United States and the western media, but also around the globe. While in the US, many privacy-minded lawmakers and even digital rights advocates used the news as an opportunity to demand better protections for Americans’ online privacy, Internet users worldwide were left wondering how to protect their own data, short of closing their Google accounts, packing up their Facebook profiles and heading for the woods.

Read more of the article at:

Blogathon #18: Twitter News: June 22, 2013

Good Morning, Cyber Zombies

The Tweet News Headline for Saturday June 22, 2013.

@Eyewitness News (New York City)
Breaking News: 3 people pull from East River after boat overturns.

@Huffington Post
This "Mad Men" Finale drinking game will ease the pain of the season ending.
100,000 Morsi Supporters attend mass rally in Egypt.

Paula Deen get chopped The Food Network right after her clumsy youtube apology was released.

Google is launching satellites and bimps to bring high speed internet to Africa.

@Reuters Top News
Pentagon flash drive ban has many exceptions
Analysis: After the fed shock, market set for more turmoil

NSA leader Edward Snowden charged with espionage and theft.

@Drudge Report
Nelson Mandela unresponsive, family discussing option.

@The Associated Press
Oman Air Flight make emergency landing in India to bomb scare.

Blogathon #17: Checklist for Saturday June 22, 2013

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Blogathon Checklist # 1-Accomplished so far
-Synopsis Feedback
The Young and Restless
The Bold and The Beautiful
General Hospital
Supernatural (not on due to Baseball Game)
-Clean out my email
-Reorganize my blog labels
Twitter Feedback

Blogathon Checklist  #2
Cat Nap (1am-6am)Blog more about the Electronic Frontier Foundation
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Blogathon #16: Newsmax: O'Reilly: shutdown NSA Surveillance Program

Hi Cyber Zombies,

Fox Commentator Bill O'Reilly weight in the NSA Surveillance Program. He want National Security Agency Surveiliance program to be shutdown.

The National Security Agency should dump its newly revealed PRISM surveillance program, says Fox News host Bill O'Reilly.

"You can't just seize everything and say you're doing so to try and root out terrorism. You have to have probable cause to violate the privacy of Americans," he said on his Monday show. 

Read Latest Breaking News from

Blogathon #15: EFF In Depth Review: New NSA Documents

Hi Cyber Zombies,

There is an in depth article on how the NSA spied on American without a search warrant. The article was posted today by Kurt Opsahl.

The Guardian published a new batch of secret leaked FISA court and NSA documents yesterday, which detail the particulars of how government has been accessing Americans’ emails without a warrant, in violation of the Constitution. The documents lay bare fundamental problems with the ineffectual attempts to place meaningful limitations on the NSA’s massive surveillance program. 
Essentially, the new documents, dated July 2009 and approved in August 2010, detail how the NSA deals with the huge streams of information it receives during the collection program that gathers the content of email and telephone calls, allowing it to keep vast quantities of content it could never get with a warrant.  They may not be the current procedures - more on that in another blog post shortly.

Blogathon #14 : What is Cyber Zombie?

A cyber zombie is a person who has a blog or multiple blogs, a twitter account, multiple email address, and more. 

What your own definition of cyber zombie in my comment box?  I'm going use your answer in a special blog spot at midnight.

Blogathon #13: Twitter Feedback: NSA

Hi Cyber Zombies,

National Security Agency has been worldwide trending topic on twitter a week ago. National Security has been gathering information from people illegal that Electronic Frontier Foundation is suing the National Security Agency. Here is twitter feedback on the National Security Agency.

Facebook's Former Security Chief Now Works for the .

Real friends don't spy on you, don't sneak-read your mail or eavesdrop on your conversations.
Keep driving these home: 1) claims right to spy on us w/o warrant and 2) allows NSA to keep our data for five years w/o warrant.

Don't EVER use .com for a blog! They work for , & anything you say about Google's involvement w/the w/kill your blog!

Information is power. But; like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves. Aaron Swartz

Our view: US citizens are told so little on government spying, they lack the info to have an informed opinion:

Big Brother *Pre-Crime* Artificial Intelligence Program

So, the same foreign power from which we secured our independence is now helping our government to violate our Constitution?

Blogathon #12: Washington Post: New Documents reveal parameter of NSA's Secret Surveillance Program

Hi Cyber Zombies,
The next article comes the Washington Post. They found new documents reveal the parameter of NSA's Surveillance program
Congress authorized the collection program amid a great debate about the degree to which the government was expanding its surveillance authority without sufficient protection for Americans’ privacy.
Authorized by Section 702 of the amended Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the program did away with the traditional individual warrant for each foreign suspect whose communications would be collected in the United States. In its place, the FISA court, which oversees domestic surveillance for foreign intelligence purposes and whose proceedings are secret, would certify the government’s procedures to target people overseas and ensure citizens’ privacy.

Blogathon #11: Afternoon Tweet News: June 21, 2013

Good Afternoon, Cyber Zombies,

If you joining, I'm blogging for Electronic Frontier Foundation in this year Blogathon. The Tweet News Headlines for Friday June 21, 2013.

Paula Deen apologizes for using racial slurs. 

@Eyewitness News (New York City)
BREAKING: NJ Transit train, truck collide in Garfield.

@NPR News
James Comey nominated to be new FBI Director.

@Market Watch
Gold losses almost $100 for the week.

@USA Today
Monsoon flooding kills 600 in India
Get ready to howl: Supermoon to rise this weekend.

@Drudge Report
GOP Leader warns of attack on free speech.

Blogathon #10: Blogathon Checklist Update

Blogathon Checklist
-Synopsis Feedback
The Young and Restless
The Bold and The Beautiful
General HospitalSupernatural (not on due to Baseball Game)
-Clean out my email
-Reorganize my blog labels
-Twitter Feedback

Blogathon #9: Soap Opera Synopsis Feedback: General Hospital

Hi Cyber Zombies,

The first soap opera synopsis feedback for General Hospital. 

Today show information:
Carly faces questioning.
Another play is made for ELQ.

Here is the synopsis feedback.

Police tell Dante they found a (the?) weapon.

Duke and Anna are both on again! Now if we could just get one scene of them together?

This trio between Morgan/Kiki/Mikey is not working. In case does not get it, I'm NOT OK with cousins lusting after each other...

Really Shawn and Carly. I love u both but do not talk about the hit that went wrong out in public for everyone can hear.

Please dont use this as way to get rid of shawn I LOVE HIM!!

I really don't see where Alexis gets off, since shes killed twice and walked away *shrugs*

I can't take Morgan seriously when he calls Michael "Mikey".

Franco is so accurate about his assessment of people! LOL

"Living under my roof" - FrancQ on his daughter living at the Q mansion. I love him. But I just can't with the AJ insults.

The writers seriously need to stop with Franco insulting Aj. He hasn't EARNED that right yet no matter how much of a Q he supposedly is.

I wanna see the Morgan and Michael fight !! LMAOOO please !!

Alexis giving Sonny a hard time for using Sean. I think she's about to figure things out

I like Anna putting Carly on the hot seat

Blogathon #8: Soap Opera Synopsis Feedback: The Bold and The Beautiful

Hi Cyber Zombies,

The first soap opera synopsis feedback for the Bold and the Beautiful.

Today Show Information:

Maya tells Rick she loves him.

Hope takes a photo of a mystery man.

Here is Soap Opera Synopsis Feedback.

RT if you're excited to see the naked dude in the woods!

Oh no... I'm gonna be sick... Damn B&B I have vertigo this doesn't help

Yea, she took her birth control pills, but has she taken her REALITY pills is the question.

I've really missed out. I never knew steffy lost the baby. I never liked her anyway. Messed up hope marriage.

Caroline is right. If I only had a nickel for every time co-stars in Hollywood got romantically involved.

Caroline ! Ur boyfriend hmmm thanks for the correction ur ex boyfriend

RT “: Do you think Caroline's plan to push Maya and Carter together is going to work? ” No, it won't work!!

Somebody should've told Caroline that first loves never work out that's why they're called first loves

Blogathon #7: Soap Opera Synopsis Feedback: The Young and the Restless

Hi Cyber Zombies,

This is the first soap opera synopsis feedback on Grace Online.

Today Show Information:

Adam asks Avery, "There's not even a little part of you that hopes Dylan won't find true happiness with Chelsea?"

Chelsea tells Dylan she's happier than she's ever been in her life and just wishes this feeling could last forever. He asks, "Why can't it?"

Dylan has a romantic evening planned for Chelsea.

Neil and Leslie decide to make a move against the blogger. 

Here is Synopsis Feedback:

Young & The Restless @YRInsider
HAPPY FRIDAY FANS!! Billy tries to make things right with Victoria, Adam gets to know Melanie, and Dylan's got a surprise for Chelsea!

My heart broke for poor Villy.....they just can't catch a break.

Chelsea need a dose of reality, cause this is turning into a trailer park Maury scene.

Breaking News: The blogger isn't Rose at all. It's Molly. She's blackmailing Neil

Billy went from not being terrified of Victoria knowing he was gambling to praying that she actually believes he is gambling. LOL

My one wish for today is Michael finally knocks out Carmine!!!

Poor Billy, stuck with a psycho wife. Sharon should give Victoria her pills, it's not like she's taking them.

Kill Carmine,- please ... I am watching "The Young and the Restless" even more entertaining!

Lauren, you shouldn't have brought Michael. at that restuarant

Chelsea gets on my nerves her lies got her with this good guy

Chelsea and Dylan have chemistry. No denying that. Damn, look at that eye chemistry. 1st class! I'm 60/40 again. So wishy washy.

"Picture me changing diapers. saying goo goo, possibly gaga." Oh Adam.

Yay! Avery is on today's show. Bright spot. Hair looking flawless again! is just perfect I've decided. ;)

Carmine is really asking for it! & why In the heck would Michael & Lauren go eat at the very place he works at?! STUPID!!!

Adam, if you did infact chase her away, I sincerely thank you! *hugs*