Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol 10 (Top 11 Results Redux)

More than Fifty-Five million votes were cast last night competition. Ryan is going announced on who is going advance in Top 9 but two contestants is going home tonight. Fantasia,, Jamie Foxx are going to perform tonight.

Special Appearance: Kris Allen

The Top 11 Duets:
Lauren Aliana & Scotty McCreary- I Told You So
Namia Adadepo & Jacob-Solid
Haley Reinhart, Pia Toscano, and Thia Megia-Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)
Paul McDonald, James Durbin, Casey Abrams, and Stefano Langone-Band On The Run

Ford Music Video: Kryptonite

Fantasia sang"Collard Greens & Cornbread" from Back to Me. and Jamie Foxx sang "Hot Wings" from the movie "Rio"

Rio is coming to the movie theater on April 15, 2011.

Lauren Aliana
Scott McCreary
Jacob Lusk
Pia Toscano
Haley Reinhart
Casey Abrams
James Durbin
Stefano Langone

Bottom 3:
Naima Adadepo
Tia Megia
Paul McDonald

Eliminated: Tia Megia and Naima Adadepo

Here is Twitter Feedback on everything:


And you won't believe who is going home? Is that some sort of spoiler?


Lauren & Scotty - I Told You So. The first time I didn't hate Scotty. They are a good match together. And of course Lauren sounds amazing.

 Bethany S. 

I think Paul is gonna go. Maybe Thia...or Naima.


Naima & Jacob - Solid. Can Naima sing like this every week? Just kidding, she'll get eliminated tonight. Glad to see Jacob get loose though.


These duets are kind of Awesome. Can we have a duets theme week with voting and all?


Pia is one hot chick


Did someone gif Lauren falling down the stairs yet? Lol

 Thia Megia Fan Club 

They're showing the leaking Idol Mansion


Paul, Casey, Stefano and James - Band On The Run. They do not harmonize well (read: at all). It's a good thing they're good on their own.


Am I surprised Paul is in the bottom three? Not terribly. He's a talented musician, but I'm not convinced  is the platform for him


Jamie Foxx and with some (horrible) filler. I don't need this right now, I am too scared for Paul.

American Idol 10 (A Message According to Me)

I'm shock and upset by comments made about Pia, Casey, James, and more. I don't like the comments that Pia is boring me by her performance. "Enough with the ballads already, Pia" and "The ballads is getting old, Pia" by someone on the internet. I made twitter comment way back that song ballads is Pia's niche and shouldn't change her musical style. I noticed lately on twitter their alot of James Durbin's bashing on my twitter feed. I don't like when someone on twitter said that James Durbin is a Adam Lambert Wannabe. James Durbin is different from Adam Lambert expect for the fashion style. I admitted to that only. Please stop with contestants bashing because you only embarrassing yourself. If you don't like a certain contestants on American Idol just change channel but don't bashing the performance on twitter including saying nasty and hurtful comments about them. Please note the contestants do read their twitter feed on how well their perform and compliments they got from people on twitter. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol 10 (Top 11 Redux)

Casey Abrams got the judges save by the judges on Thursday March 24, 2011. There is no more judge's save in play that means that two contestants are going home tomorrow night.  This week theme is the songs from Elton John.

Special Appearance: Mary J. Blige, Taio Cruz and Howie Mandel

Song Recap-3/23/11
Casey Abrams-I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)
Thia Megia-Heat Wave (Martha and the Vandellas)
Jacob Lusk-You're All I Need to Get By (Marvin Gaye)
Lauren Aliana-You Keep Me Hanging on (The Supremes)
Stefano Langone-Hello (Lionel Riche)
Haley Reinhart-You Really Gotta Hold On Me (The Miracles)
Scott McCreary-For Once In My Life (Stevie Wonder)
Pia Toscano-All In Love Is Fair (Stevie Wonder)
Paul McDonald-Tracks of My Tears (Smokey Robinson)
Naima Adadepo-Dancing in The Street (Martha and the Vandellas)
James Durbin-Live For The City (Stevie Wonder)

The top 11 songs are:

Scott McCreary-Country Comfort
Text: 5701
Judges Verdict
Steven: Love everything about your voice
Randy: Very nicey done
Twitter Feedback:

 Andrea L. 

Country Scotty...noooo...really....get out???? Fuckin zzzzzzzz....

 Maurice Benard 

Scotty may be one of the most likable singers I've ever seen on American Idol. And if you love country music, he's the bomb

Naima Adedepo-I'm Still Standing
Text: 5702
Judges Verdict
Steven: Love the song that fit you
Jennifer: I love you!!! I loved your reggae sway. I loved the way you perform but the song didn't need to  be change.
Randy: The song came out corny.
Twitter Feedback:

 Rachel .) 

NAIMAthat rendition was just scaryi love that she loves herculturebut this is AMERICAN idol / ELTON JOHN week.. not reggae anything.

Paul McDonald-Rocket Man
Text: 5703
Judges Verdict
Steven: I loved your voice
Jennifer: Push Push
Randy:  He want more from his performance
Twitter Feedback:


One of my fave Elton John song.....

Pia Toscano -Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me
Text: 5704
Judges Verdict
Steven: You nailed it and notes you choose.
Jennifer: I felt you more than I never before.
Randy: You slay the ballad song again.
Twitter Feedback:


Okay okay, yes, Pia's singing another ballad, but she's also kinda crushing it, as per Jimmy I's request. 

Stefano Langone-Tiny Dancer
Text: 5705
Judges Verdict
Steven: You connect to audience
Jennifer: You connected to the audience. You moved the crowd today.
Randy: You are right now the money notes.
Twitter Feedback:

 Maurice Benard 

What a great song, great voice, and a nice vest LOL

Lauren Aliana-Candle in the Wind
Text: 5706
Judges Verdict
Steven: Beautiful Perfect
Jennifer: Amazing!!!
Randy: Greatest Lauren Aliana's perform of the season.
Twitter Feedback:


lauren is actually doing well.

 Maurice Benard 

Lauren seems a little safe, but Lauren can sing the phone book

James Durbin-Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
Text: 5707
Judges Verdict
Steven: You brought the heat!!!
Jennifer: Crazy Cool Performance!!!
Randy: Totally Great Performance!!!
Twitter Feedback:

 Suze Orman 

Now James can work a stage for sure- that is not easy to do-

 Maurice Benard 

I love James' versatility, he's not afraid of anything. And I love how high his hair goes, it might be my new hairstyle...

Thia Megia- Daniel
Text: 5708
Judges Verdict
Steven: When you find the right song, the voice appears>
Jennifer: Beautiful and melody of the song!!!
Randy: Relaxing side of you!!! Pitchy!!! Another safe song!!!
Twitter Feedback:


Thia Megia - Daniel - Someone program Thia to sing a more upbeat song. Just kidding, it sounded pretty good actually.

Casey Abrams-Your Song
Text: 5709
Judges Verdict
Steven: One of the finest moment of this show was saving you.
Jennifer: Very Casey!!!
Randy: One of the greatest save to save you!!!
Twitter Feedback:


Yeah, that was much better than last week. I'm really REALLY happy they saved Casey.

 Maurice Benard 

They rained Casey in, it's refreshing, and it's a nice change

Jacob Lusk-Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Text: 5710
Judges Verdict
Steven: loved whole performance
Jennifer: Beautiful
Randy: love the arrangement of the song
Twitter Feedback:


Stealth mentor pimping for Jacob.

Haley Reinhart-Benny & The Jets
Text: 5711
Judges Verdict
Steven: You sang sexy!!!
Jennifer:Amazing performance!!!
Randy: Best Performance of night!!
Twitter Feedback


Haley Reinhart - Benny and The Jets. I loved the beginning but the chorus got a little rough. It sounded cool, but all that growling...

My Feedback

My favorite performances are Scott McCreary, Paul McDonald, Pia Toscano, Stefano Langone, Lauren Aliana, James Durbin, Casey Abrams, and Haley Reinhart.

My least favorite performances are Naima Adadepo, and Thia Megia,

50/50 Club: None

Twitter Show Feedback:

 Maurice Benard 

This week should be right up Paul MacDonalds alley


Scotty McCreery - Country Comfort - Not a fan of this and his cheesy grandma shoutout. Save that for the post performance interview.

 Thia Megia Fan Club 

Judges really loving Scotty even though he sounds the same each week but he will sell well

 Suze Orman 

Art Stribler is the photographer for all these shoots-- I just shot with him for VOGUE a few weeks ago- he is soooooooo great-

 Kristen Alderson 

Paul was pretty cool. Pia is just ah-mazing...but her movements when she stands there are awkward haha maybe she'll change them