Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 Election Notebook #1

This is my journal entry for 2011 Election. The 2011 Election is about seven months away and eight days. There is no regular schedule election for the United States Congress expect for California and New York.

The California Congressional 36th District was recently held by Jane Hartman. The special primary election will be held on May 17, 2011.  The special election will be held on July 12, 2011.

On the Democrats side, Here are candidates running for the congressional seat: Dan Alders, Debra Bowen, Janice Hahn, Paul Whithead,  and Marcy Wingrad.

On the Republican side, here are candidates running for the congressional seat: Kit Bobko, Stephen Eisele, Mike Gin, Craig Huey, and Mike Webb.

On the Independent side for the congressional seat is Matt Roozee.


Now for the New York Congressional 26th was recently vacancy by Chris Lee. Chris Lee decided to resigned from his post. The Special election is going be held on May 24, 2011.

On the Democrat side for the congressional seat is Kathleen Hochul.

On the Republican side for the congressional seat is Jane Corwin.

On the Green Party side for the congressional seat is Ian Murphy.

On the Independent side for the congressional seat is Jack Davis.

Twitter Feedback: Official Twitter Song

People are tweeting their official twitter song. Here is twitter feedback on official twitter song.

 Just Can't Tweet Enough -@

 Heath Downes 
 Tweet Me Baby One More Time @

Our Tweet Shall Go On - SHINee 

 atika † silvia 
The tweet that can't be moved - the script 

 tweet this way (born this way) by lady gaga !

Sean Kingston ft Justin Bieber - Won't Tweet 


 Tonight I'm Tweeting You - Enrique Iglesias

 Adiyanti Arumsari 
 I Tweet You - sm*sh

 Hendy Arin Wijaya 
Hard To Say I'm Offline - Az Yet 

 Herdeka janardana 
 I dont wanna miss a tweet - Aerosmith

 Sweet Tweets ( Sweet Dreams) - Beyonce

 Michelle Cassis 
 Twitter Face - Lady Gaga

 Rissa Babii 
 "Don't Stop Tweeting!" --- [Journey - "Don't Stop Believing]

 Suster Silpi \\(´▽`)/ 
 Waking Up In Twitter - Katy Perry

 White Twitter - Taylor Swift O.O

Whose is that tweet? - @ 

 Til the Tweets End by Britney Spears

 Tweet N Follow - Katy Perry

 jay sweet 
 Tweet tweet baby...Vanilla Ice

Friday, April 29, 2011

Twitter Feedback: People Wanna Meet

People on twitter are tweeting of people who their want to meet. I wanna meet Greg Mocker because I loved his news reports on WPIX. I also wanna meet Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge because they are totally cool royals. I have a laundry list of people I want to meet and it will fill this whole entry. Here is twitter feedback on People wanna meet.

 Paulette Afuwah 

 Justin Bieber Fans 
 @ RT if you do too.

 Leahhhhh , BITCH ! 
 Keanue Reeves <3

 keyshia cole i love her and i actually look up to her rt

 Emily Sophia Raye 

 Jani Ducre 
i swear,  Nicki Minaj <3

 Dougie Poynter

 some of the friends I had in the past but have lost all their contacts, numbers or they have not wanted to stay in touch with me

 Ashley Nicole 
 Beyoncé ! ♡

 Meredith, clearly. 
 @. Likee now.

 Henry M 
 The Beatles

 little monster 
 justin bieber...and victoria beckham cause she's so f-ing fierce.

 Ratri Kusumawardhani 

 Cindy McGrath 
 Mark Walhburg! Yum!

 @, bitch is in desperate need of some grammar + spelling lessons.

 @! He's so cute (:

ReallyReally tho,  Obama.

 Sofia R 
 the @! That would make my life (:

 stevie herrera 
 Lea Michele!

 britney spears

 Heather Nichole 
 Betty White soooooo Bad!! <3

 Olyvia Rushinta 

 Hasif Darwish 
 katy perry

 Malik Young 
 Magic Johnson

 Bill Kaulitz =') tokiohotel

 Farah Bhagani 
 Shia LaBeouf.

 Courtney Smith 
 bill clinton the best president ever in history

 Justin Gorman Black 
 Muhammad ALI