Saturday, June 30, 2012

Breaking News!!! TweetNews: June 30, 2012/July 1, 2012

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The TweetNews Headline for June 30, 2012/July 1, 2012:

Breaking News from New York!!!  The contract talk with between Con Edison and its workers are breaking down. They can't agreed on pensions, healthcare, and salary. The union said that Con Edison has a surplus in revenue. The contract is going to expire midnight tonight.

Breaking News from California!!! A 4.9 Earthquake has hit 30 miles south of California and Mexico Border.

TweetNews: June 30, 2012

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The News Headlines for June 30, 2012

@examiner and @gather
Queen + Adam Lambert rock Keiv, Ukraine.

Duchess of Cambridge will joined the homeless to raise money for Charity.

@The New York Times
Burden of China's College Entrance Test Sets Off  Wide Debate

Con Edison workers may go on strike if a contract is not met at midnight.

The Heat Advisory for NYC has been extended until 7/1/12. Call 311 for information about Cooling Center or

Friday, June 29, 2012

Web Alert Now: Fight Back: YOUR FILES ON Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, etc. and even your emails are in jeopardy.

Demand Progress is fighting back in the courts and standing up for Internet users. We are taking on the United States and the MPAA. Please sign up at right to support our legal brief so the court understands that millions of people will be impacted by this decision. The judge is hearing the case TOMORROW.

BACKGROUND: One day after the Internet staged a massive blackout to protest Congress's Internet censorship legislation (SOPA/PIPA), the United States responded by seizing millions of ordinary user files hosted on the popular website

With an aim of shutting down Megaupload and other Cloud-based hosting services (like Dropbox, YouTube or even your email provider), the government is trying to claim website operators should face decades in prison for the misdeeds of some of their users. But while they pursue trumped up criminal charges against the companies' founders, they are shutting down dozens of websites, and leaving ordinary Internet users without any way of retrieving their files.
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak called the case against Megaupload a "threat to innovation." Wozniak likened the Megaupload site to a highway and those who shared pirated movies and songs to speeding motorists. "You don't just shut down the whole street because somebody is speeding," he said.
Numerous laws on the books already give copyright holders plenty of avenues to stop actual infringement, but that's not enough to satisfy Hollywood's lawyers and lobbyists. The prosecutor in the case, Neil MacBride, previously served as the Anti-Piracy Vice President of the Business Software Alliance, where he represented the intellectual property interests of countless multinational corporations.
Now Hollywood's lobbyists, represented by the Motion Picture Association of America, want him to make it nearly impossible for ordinary Internet users to get their property back.

TweetNews- June 29, 2012

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The TweetNews for June 29, 2012:

@CNN Breaking News
Passengers and Crew foil plane hijack attempt in China.

@CNN Politics
President Obama is going to comment on the Colorado Fires at 3pm. He is going to tour the fires damage.

@NBC New York
Lauryn Hill plead guilty in New Jersey to tax evasion charges.

@NY1 News
Developing Story: Upper East Construction Accident injuries three.

@RT America
China's Middle Class is growing while America' Middle Class disappearing.

@The Associated Press
BREAKING: Houses passes bill to salvage 2.8 million jobs, stop student loan rate increase.

@Huffington Post
Katy Perry get real in her new documentary "Part of Me"
11 Bad Habits we picked up from our iPhones

@MTV News
Did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get married.

@Ok! Magazine
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting divorced.

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Grace Online News will be now called Grace Online Newsletters. TweetNews is the new additional to Grace Online. TweetNews is going be about News Headlines on Twitter.

Twitter Feedback and Dancing with the Stars Commentary are gong to stay the same. I am going to change the American Idol Commentary in 2013.

I was working on a secret project in late May and early June. Here the surprise my Cyber Zombies, Grace Online joined Amazon Kindle Blog ePublication. 

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Marie Digby - Feel - Official Japanese Video


TweetNews: June 28, 2012

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Welcome to TweetNews!!! The new additional to Grace Online. Now for your TweetNews Headlines:

The US Supreme Court called ObamaCare constitutional.

Romney has now raised $1.75 million since SCOTUS ruling this morning. 

Seventeen Democrats cross over to the Republican side to hold US Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal contempt. House Democrats walked out in protest.

Rafael Nadal loses to 100th-ranked Lukas Rosol in 2nd round of Wimbledon - 

Cooler temperatures today could help efforts to fight massive Colorado blaze:  -PP

Adam Lambert is the  of the Must Follow Artist On Twitter! Congrats 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Web Alert Now: Stop The Trap

Right now, a group of 600 industry lobbyist "advisors" and un-elected government trade representatives are scheming behind closed doors1,2 to craft an international agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Why the secrecy? We know from leaked documents3 that the TPP includes what amounts to an Internet trap that would:
  1. Criminalize4 some of your everyday use of the Internet,
  2. Force service providers to collect and hand over your private datawithout privacy safeguards5, and
  3. Give media conglomerates more power to fine you for Internet use,6 remove online content—including entire websites—and eventerminate7 your access to the Internet.
  4. The TPP would create a parallel legal system of international tribunals that will undermine national sovereignty and allow conglomerates to sue countries for laws that infringe on their profits.
The TPP's Internet trap is secretive, extreme, and it could criminalize your daily use of the Internet. You could be fined for simply clicking on the wrong link. We deserve to know what will be blocked, what we and our families will be fined for.
If enough of us speak out now, we can force participating governments to come clean. Your signature will send a message to each country's leaders.8 Please sign the petition.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Web Alert Now: Don't Let Copyright Holders Steal Our Property Right!

Do you really own the smartphone or computer you’re using to read this? If you sold your books, would you be breaking the law? A federal court in New York says you would be, even if you legally paid for and bought them.

It's unbelievable, but trademark and copyright holders really are trying to use a legal loophole to take away your right to sell things that you own: Please add your name at right to fight back.
Public interest advocates are taking the case all the way to the Supreme Court, and Demand Progress is joining up with a coalition of groups -- including many of those that came together to kill SOPA -- to support the rights of ordinary Internet users and everyday consumers.
We are working to defend a long-standing principle known as the "First-Sale Doctrine." This common-sense rule gives us the right to sell most property we own, but big businesses have been trying to chip away at out our rights in the courts. If the Supreme Court supports the lower court’s decision, we won't really “own” anything if any part of it was made in a different country. And practically anything you own -- from your iPod to your house -- could have been made abroad, in whole or in part.
We only have a few months to make our voices heard before the Supreme Court makes a lasting ruling. We are asking President Obama and the U.S. Department of Justice to stand up for the little guy: The President can urge the Court to side with consumers, but he'll only do it if we bring enough pressure to bear.
If we lose this fight, practically anybody who wants to resell products they bought -- from Macbooks and iPhones to our clothing and textbooks -- will have to ask copyright holders for permission first. And they'll have the right to deny it!
It's bad for so many reasons: It'll undermine Craigslist and Ebay, hurt the environment, increase incentives for manufacturers to move jobs off-shore, and effectively ban the traditional American yard sale. For more info, please check out Marvin Ammori's article about the lawsuit.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New York Egg Cream Recipe

by Linda Stradley of What's Cooking America


Approximately 1/2 cup cold whole milk*
1 cup bottled seltzer
2 tablespoons chocolate syrup**
* Skim or 1% milk won't foam as well.
** Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup is used in New York.

Pour 1/2 inch of cold milk into a tall soda glass.
Add seltzer or club soda to within 1 inch of the top of the glass; stir vigorously with a long spoon (this will cause it to become white and bubbly with a good head of foam).
Very gently pour 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup slowly down the inside of the glass; briskly stir with a long spoon only at the bottom of the glass where the chocolate sits. The resulting drink should have a dark brown bottom and a 1-inch high pure white foam top (if you mix it too much, the foam disappears).

NOTE: Drink Immediately! Do not let the prepared Egg Cream sit for a long period of time (5 minutes or more) as it will go flat.

Makes 1 serving.

Monday, June 4, 2012

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