Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tweet News: July 10, 2014

Good Morning, My Cyber Zombies!!!

The Tweet News Headlines for Thursday July 10, 1014.

@NBC News
'Terrorist Groups' seize Uranium compound. Iraq tells United Nations.

Republican push for quicker deportation.

@New York Times
Sinosphere Blog: Chinese Journalists warned not to work with foreign media.

@CBS This Morning
Gov. Perry likens Texas borders situation to Katrina.

@USA Today
Obama White House nixes bowling ally project.

*WebAlert* @Newsweek *WebAlert*
Britain moves to pass emergency phone and email monitoring law.

Adam Lambert keeps Queen rocking Houston.

@New York Daily News
Katy Perry delights fans at MSG with "Prismatic Tour".

@Los Angeles Times
Why Interest Rates may stay very low for a not longer.