Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twitter Feedback: New York City Sanitation

What's the New York City Sanitation trucks? Many people are angry and disappointed with New York City Sanitation and they didn't plow the streets throughout the four boroughs. Here is Twitter Feedback on New York Sanitation.

 Dominga Andrade 

 is fucking up cuz there is STILL fucking snow up to my hip in New York. 

 Raymond Pizarro Jr 

I should go dig the street out myself but id be dead. Where is Sanitation? 

 Divine Davy 

 #311 Dead!  get them side blocks please. We pay taxes in the hood too!


  DEPT KNOWS better..yet y'all let fuck up your rep?

 Rachel Alvarado 

  did you think that Brooklyn was not part of New York City? news flash we ARE and pay taxes! PLOW US OUT NOW!

 Roger Rathman 

WTF Bloomberg? Brooklyn side streets STILL unplowed and impassable - where's  in  doing their job???

Monday, December 27, 2010

Twitter Feedback: Long lsland Rail Road

Long lsland Rail Road restored limited service to Port Washington Branch. Here is twitter for the Long lsland Rail Road.

 LisaMichelle Kucharz 
Not thrilled that  is still suspended in both directions. Will there be no way to get to  tomorrow, too?

 service suspension is entering hour 19. Their latest update: stay home, we're still digging, digging is hard. 

 Lynn M 
Need the  to start running so i can go into the city and rage

 Geoffrey Sorensen 
Special thanks to the  for clogging my inbox with hourly e-mails about how they're still shut down. No updates yet constant e-mails.

 Emily Deutchman 
Nyssa is stranded at Babylon Train Station with no phone or money and LIRR is not helping AT ALL! So much for customer service!

 Sam Dil 
The  really needs to un-suspend itself.

 Linda N. 
Oh , please restore service quick! I got tickets to the @ game tonight. I don't want to watch it on TV.

 Nikki Frankel 
Dear  - Please be running by tomorrow morning. So many people are counting on you! The third rail must start thinking warm thoughts!

 L C B 
I love how my company says we need to get into work no matter the conditions...hello,  is SUSPENDED! How am I supposed to get in? Walk?