Monday, December 27, 2010

Twitter Feedback: Holiday Blizzard

Here is Twitter Feedback Report for the Holiday Blizzard. The Holiday Blizzard that closed Long Island Rail Road, and local area airports. This blizzard crippled New York City Transit with limited services. 

 by atemely
NYC's response to the  has been outrageous. What's Bloomberg's problem?

 Keith Olbermann 
 by ptudor
It becomes more and more evident this is NYC's worst response to snow since '69. 3rd Av still untouched 

 Becca Lane 
Just completed wiped out on ice... Nice. Thats gonna leave a mark... FML  

Still no sign of a plow in my little neck of the woods. Next month I'll just flush my monthly assoc. dues down the toilet. 

Not only a snowstorm but now a blackout   

NYC govt totally caught off-guard by the . We're fending for ourselves in 

 kaneshia ward 
I can't deal with this . Never again New York, Never again New York! Screw a snow man ☃

Home from work. Shoveling for the second time today because of this stupid . damnit.

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