Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blizzard Travel Info

Long Island Rail Road

The LIRR has suspended passenger service systemwide in both directions due to the blizzard. NYC Transit is honoring LIRR tickets for subway service at Penn Station, Atlantic Terminal and Jamaica Station. The LIRR will continue throughout the night to operate equipment trains to clear snow from the tracks.
The LIRR plans to run on a holiday schedule for Monday. Due to inclement weather, platforms and staircases may be icy and slippery. Please use handrails on staircases and be careful when boarding and exiting trains. Please stay clear of platform edges.
NYC Transit
The Department of Buses has suspended all Limited-Stop bus service due to the snow and street conditions. In addition, crews have chained articulated buses and buses that will be in operation during the overnight. Particular attention is being paid to routes with hilly sections. Salt Truck crews are scheduled. To help keep bus service moving, NYC Transit is working with the Department of Sanitation to assist in deployment of snow removal forces to problem areas.
Winter storm preparations began earlier this weekend.
Subways personnel prepared de-icers, snow throwers and additional track sweepers for deployment against what could amount to 16 inches of snowfall and wind-driven drifts of several feet. Maintenance workers have been assigned to 12-hour shifts and managers called in from vacation to deal with the first significant snowfall of the season.
To insure that the fleet is available and ready for rush-hour service on Monday morning, the process of moving trains usually parked out doors to underground locations began on Saturday continued through today. In some locations trains that normally operate express have to run on local tracks instead.
Snow throwers are in place in vulnerable portions of the system such as the Bronx’ Dyre Avenue Line, the Rockaways in Queens and the Sea Beach in Brooklyn. They will begin their work once accumulations have reached four inches or more. Additionally, there will be strong focus on keeping station staircases and outdoor platforms cleared and salted.
A portion of the subway fleet on lines that travel outdoors and all Staten Island Railway trains are operating with scraper shoes to help prevent ice build up on the electrified third rail which can cause an interruption of electrical power resulting in stalled trains. To power work equipment, diesel locomotives are fueled and ready for service.
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