Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twitter Feedback: Defund The FCC

The people have spoken that the Federal Communication Commission should defund. I hope and pray that the Republicans and Democrats take notes that Federal Communication Commission should be defund in the start of next year and repeal their decisions. Here is twitter feedback on defunding the Federal Communication Commission.

 Gary Simmen 
@ defund the FCC and that's the end of net neutrality forever.

 X Marx 
DIsband, Defund, And END THE FCC. We're all adults here. I don't think we need ppl regulating what we watch or say, do you? 

Defund FCC now! Hold the FCC bureaucrats accountable for usurping power and attempting harm to our national economy.

 Eric Borremans 
@ Next budget defund the FCC, FDA, Homeland Security and EPA 100%, and call that a good start.

@ Sir. DEFUND THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH. Okay, start with the FCC and the IRS...We The People have spoken. Thank You

 Peter Memon 
Defund the FCC!! We are becoming more like Venezuela every day!!

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