Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Twitter Feedback: Wikileaks

This is my third twitter feedback in awhile. Wikileaks is making global news lately by airing governmental secret to the world and including put the world in danger. Many governments are branding Wikileaks as terrorist organization that must be stop. My pet peeves about Wikileaks is putting the Internet Community is dangers of being shut down by many governments including our own government.  I don't why people are praise Wikileaks because there is bill in the mist that could create a Internet cutoff. With the Internet Cutoff, no one will be able to pay their bills, check e-mail, and more. I think that Wikileaks should be taken off the Internet.

Here is Twitter Feedback against Wikileaks or support them:

 Evgeny Morozov 

WikiLeaks is what happens when the entire US government is forced to go through a full-body scanner.

 Jude Core 

Wow. I use Paypal a lot. But now it is down. I'm happy to sacrifice their service for my right to free speech thank you 

 Michael Zimmer 

We are witnessing the first publicly visible cyberwar.   

 Jonah B Lewis 

@ I know. I'm not for censorship but I also don't think denial of service does anything 4 the cause. 

 Maynard Del Mar 

i think wikileaks is a lit match on corporate kindling. (u can quote me.)

 Naval Ravikant 

"These attacks on WikiLeaks are a war over who controls the Internet and the purposes to which it can be used" 

 Xavier Damman 

Wikileaks is to governments what Napster was to music labels. Napster died but it changed the industry forever. Think about it.

 Ron Paul 

Re: Wikileaks- In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble.

 Ramesh Srivats 

Unfortunately however, corporates are getting caught in the crossfire in this war.  

 Aly Walansky 

Ultimately, Wikileaks vs government not all that different from Napster vs. music biz. Destroy the culprit, but nothing is ever the same.

 shane goldsmith 

Hackers declare war on major credit card,in support of wikileaks,in operation anonymous.

 by nzv8fan

what if every  supporter like me would boycott visa and mastercard from now on?

 Ramesh Srivats 

What with  & , the governments of the world will now unite to face their common enemy - the public.

 Vague Anonymity 

Citizens united against censorship!!!!!!!!!!!  

 Stephanie Sexton 

AMERICANS do yourself one favor today. Research  the entire world knows about it but us because the media is hiding it from us!!


Is there any way we can use  name to destroy mastercard servers. My credit card bills are not funny.

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