Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twitter Feedback: 2011 Predictions

2011 is nine days away until Saturday, January 1, 2011. The people on twitter are making their 2011 predictions for next year. My 2011 predictions for next year is:

The federal government started listening to people instead working against them.
The defunding of government agencies who doesn't work for the People.
The Repeal Net Neutrality Rules by the Federal Communication Commission

Here is twitter feedback for 2011 Predictions:


 My  will win another Superbowl.

 Vanessa Etuk 


 T. Baron O'Daighre 

The newly-discovered cure for AIDS will be proven to cause X-ray vision. 


Miley Cyrus will have a sex tape 


 everyone will unlock their twitter account :)

 Michael Chua 
 I predict that politicians here in America will try, at their best, to avoid lack of promises!

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