Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twitter Feedback: New York City Sanitation

What's the New York City Sanitation trucks? Many people are angry and disappointed with New York City Sanitation and they didn't plow the streets throughout the four boroughs. Here is Twitter Feedback on New York Sanitation.

 Dominga Andrade 

 is fucking up cuz there is STILL fucking snow up to my hip in New York. 

 Raymond Pizarro Jr 

I should go dig the street out myself but id be dead. Where is Sanitation? 

 Divine Davy 

 #311 Dead!  get them side blocks please. We pay taxes in the hood too!


  DEPT KNOWS better..yet y'all let fuck up your rep?

 Rachel Alvarado 

  did you think that Brooklyn was not part of New York City? news flash we ARE and pay taxes! PLOW US OUT NOW!

 Roger Rathman 

WTF Bloomberg? Brooklyn side streets STILL unplowed and impassable - where's  in  doing their job???

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