Friday, December 10, 2010

Why Government Secrets should be remaining a secret?

I'm reading about WikiLeaks on twitter these last few days and it time to write this blog piece. I don't why people and some governments remain nameless support a terrorist organization like WikiLeaks that could cripple or dismantle governments complete around the world including our own government. The reason why government secrets should remain a secret  because it begin chaos, civl unrest, government uprising, wars, countries seizing other countries, or bankrupt countries that can't pay their debt, and more. If WikiLeaks release all government secrets, our freedom is at risk.

I would think very hard before you donation money to an organization that doesn't respect governments and their people. How would like if someone aired your dirty laundry on Internet. You will be pissed off and angry on how they got your information, and plus you will be embarrass. This why all government around the world are feeling right now.  WikiLeaks want all government secrets around the world to be like open book and expose. 

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