Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Matthew P. Sapolin, Who Led Bloomberg’s Office for Disabled, Dies at 41

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Web Alert: NBC Universal Threatens Partners That They Need To Sign 'Grassroots' Support Of SOPA/PIPA Or It Might Have To Drop Them

from the this-is-getting-sad dept

We've talked about CreativeAmerica, the astroturfing group set up by the major Hollywood studios, pretending to be a "grassroots effort" in favor of SOPA & PIPA. A month ago, wechallenged the group's claim that it had "sent 100,000 letters to Congress." Turns out that wasn't true. They had sent 4,191, and then about 33,000 people had "signed a petition" that the group had set up. The math by CreativeAmerica is that each thing sent out three letters: one to your Congressional Representative and one to each of your two Senators. Of course, petitions are mostly ignored. Letters have only slightly more weight -- and based on Creative America's own math, they really only had about 1,400 people sign their letter.

Either way, it seemed somewhat amusing to discover that some of the top execs at NBC Universal have been threatening all NBC Universal suppliers to sign the letter that CreativeAmerica put together or NBC might no longer be able to do business with them:
We are writing to ask you for help on an issue that is one our top business priorities – content theft on the Internet, which is a major threat to the strength of our business. Our major guilds and unions are joining us in the fight to keep our businesses strong so that the tidal wave of content theft does not kill jobs. But if the current trend continues, it’s not too strong to say that this threat could adversely affect our business relationship with you.
Grassroots effort? When NBC Universal's General Counsel, Rick Cotton -- who famously once claimed that piracy was destroying the lowly corn farmer, since people who watch pirated movies don't eat popcorn (or something) -- is threatening suppliers who don't sign on? That's not grassroots. That's just insane. Now, it's true that Cotton wrote this carefully such that you can read it to suggest it means that if this law doesn't pass, NBC Universal's business will be in so much trouble that it has to shut down or cut off deals with suppliers. But it seems pretty clear that the obvious implication is: sign this or we may no longer do business with you. 

But, given that "the big guns" at NBC Universal are pushing all their suppliers to directly sign (or else!) the letter found at CreativeAmerica's site, you might think that a lot more people would have signed on. Especially over the last month, with SOPA making so much news. So we went and checked.

It appears that 4,673 letters have been sent. A month ago it was 4,191. That's a grand total of482 new letters sent since we last checked almost a month ago. That means in a month, with this story making major news every which way... and the major studios putting a lot of marketing muscle behind it and even threatening partners to sign on, they only rustled up 482 more signatures. And, since CreativeAmerica claims that each person who signs really sends 3 letters, we should divide that by three.

That gives us 161 new signatures (actually 160.666666 etc -- which makes me wonder what happened to that extra third of a person). 161. In a month.

Meanwhile, a real grassroots campaign turned out one million emails to Congress and 87,834 calls in one day. It should be clear at this point that the public clearly does not support SOPA/PIPA, and no amount of "faking it" is driving any public s


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Just In: Britain draws up emergency plans for collapse of Euro after warnings Italy needs £500bn bailout

Last updated at 8:34 PM on 27th November 2011

Britain is drawing up emergency plans for the collapse of the ‘creaking’ Eurozone amid warnings debt-stricken Italy will need a £500 billion bailout involving billions of pounds of UK taxpayers’ money.  

Chancellor George Osborne said the Treasury had ‘stepped up’ contingency planning and aimed to be ready for ‘whatever the Eurozone throws at us’.

It emerged yesterday that the International Monetary Fund, in which Britain is a major shareholder, could be forced to offer Italy a €600 billion (£514bn) rescue package to give its unelected new prime minister Mario Monti 12 to 18 months’ breathing room to implement big tax rises and spending cuts.

Read more:

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Picture Saturday/Sunday!!!

Trenton Makes-The World Takes, Trenton New Jersey (Sunday November 13, 2011). This picture was also my Twitter background.

2012 Avon Sneak Preview #1

Anorak comes out in Late January/ Early February 2012.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The X Factor (Season 1)- Week 5 Result

Welcome to the X factor Zone!!! Today is result night and two acts are going home tonight.

Kelly sang "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) from her album Stronger. Steve called her performance extraordinary. He said that Kelly is going on tour in January 2012.

Pepi Choice Performance theme: Circus
Pepi song: Pink-"So What/Raise Your Glass"

Steve called Lakoda Rayne and Drew names separate from the remaining acts. He want Simon and Paula on stage to support their acts. He said that Lakoda Rayne was voted off.  Lakoda Rayne was immediately eliminated from the X Factor Title. They said the dream is not and you going see Lakoda Rayne in concert.

Special Appearance: Howie Mantel 
He was talking about his upcoming show "Mobbed" after the X-Factor tonight.

Bruno Mars sang "It Will Rain" from the movie "Twlight: Breaking Dawn-Part 1". Steve called his performance fantastic.

Steve announced that Chris Rene, Rachel Crow and Josh Krajcik are safe.

After the commercial break, He announced that Melanie Amaro and Astro are safe

Final Showdown: Leroy Bell Vs Marcus Canty

Nicole is getting tear-eyed in Leroy Bell's final performance. Nicole is giving Leroy Bell an standing ovation.

The final votes:
LA Reid:  Leroy
Nicole:  Marcus
Paula: Marcus
Simon: Leroy

Going Home:  Leroy Bell

Steve announced that there is going to be another double elimination next week.

The X Factor Twitter Feedback

 Christina Noelle 
Omg I love Bruno Mars

 Kween Kobra 
I like Bruno live so much more than on record. True singer

 Nicole Scherzinger 
I adore  and I'm sad to see them go. They are beautiful and classy. 

 Siobhan Magnus Fan 
save Astro damnit!! he's the only reason I pay attention to this mess of a show

 Joey Guerra 
Marcus Canty and Leroy Bell are on the chopping block. Is this even a contest? They have to ax Leroy. 

 LOADING . . . 
WTFFF ?! Marcus canty is in the bottom 2 ?! reeeecount pleaseee -__- .

 Jennifer Levine 
SO SHOCKED. Marcus is not going anywhere though. RT: So the real bottom two is Leroy and Astro. Not surprised. 

 sarah #### 
If the judges eliminate Marcus, I'm turning this off and unplugging my TV in a rage. 

Urgh, of course all of Simon's girls are through. How unfortunate, because they're all so bland.  

 Trelynda Kerr 
Marcus has had a case of cotton mouth all night 

 Greg Coy 
 LeRoy is classy and grown folks artist. But this might be his swan song on competition.

 Lesley Maglapit 
Watching  -- this guy Leroy is freaking awesome!!!! Hope he gets to stay!!!

Cant believe this man on xfactor is 60 yrs old lookin like 38...what is he drinkin cuz i want some

 Jason G 
marcus should have been sent home based on performance 

 [ Louise ] 
Shoutout to  for having the world's wost host. Its like he showed up at the wrong set and said "ill give this a whirl"

 Alyson Baxter 
LeRoy Bell should walk up to Chris Rene and congratulate him for being the luckiest man in America right now.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dancing with the Stars (Season 13) - The Season Finale

Oh My Goodness!!! This is my last Dancing with the Stars Commentary of this year. Last week we said goodbye to Hope & Maks on Dancing with the Stars. The final three are JR & Karina, Ricki & Derek, and Rob & Cheryl. This week dancing theme is FreeStyle and unlearned dance.

Dance Rewind Recap -11/14/11
Hope & Maks (Paso Doble/Argentine Tango/Cha-Cha-Cha Relay) Score: 21+24+4=49
JR & Karina (Paso Doble/Argentine Tango/Cha-Cha-Cha Relay) Score: 23+27+6=56
Rob & Cheryl (Samba/Argentine Tango/Cha-Cha-Cha Relay) Score: 28+27+10= 65
Ricki & Derek (Samba/Argentine Tango/Cha-Cha-Cha Relay) Score: 30+29+8= 67

The following dances are:

Round 1-Unlearned Dance

Ricki & Derek (Cha-Cha-Cha)
Text: 3411
Carrie Ann: 9
Len: 9
Bruno: 9
Score: 27
Carrie Ann visited Ricki & Derek in rehearsal. She want Ricki tapped in her inner sexiness. Len called their performance action pack. Bruno said that their performance was fantastic. Carrie Ann was impressed with their performance and delivered what Carrie Ann wanted. She said that their performance was fierce and their living the dance.

Rob & Cheryl (Waltz)
Text: 3402
Carrie Ann: 9
Len: 9
Bruno: 9
Score: 27
Bruno visited Rob & Cheryl in rehearsal. Bruno gave lessoned in gracefulness to Rob.  Carrie Ann called Rob the man version of Cindella.  Len was impressed with their performance. He noticed that they have good hold and good posture. He called their performance simple beautiful.

JR & Karina (Cha-Cha-Cha)
Text: 3410
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 7
Bruno: 9
Score: 24
The doctor visited JR with an x-ray of his ankle. The doctor told JR and Karina that he didn't break his leg. Len visited JR & Karina in reheasal. He want JR to work on his hips and arms. Carrie Ann was impressed with the magic of JR. She love his spirit of the dance. She want JR to watch the arms in his dance. Len called JR brave in his dance. He noticed that JR was off-time and made a lot of mistakes in his performance. He said that performance was falling apart. Bruno told him that his character in his dance was perfect. JR admitted that he made mistake in his dance with Karina.

Round 2-FreeStyle

Ricki & Derek
Text: 3411
Carrie Ann: 9
Len: 9
Bruno: 9
Score: 27
Ricki and Derek were arguing about the lifts in their freestyle dance. Len called their dance fun and enterning. Bruno loved their performance. Carrie Ann loved the lift in the dance. Bruno and Carrie called their dance in the mixed of samba and the jive.

Rob & Cheryl
Text: 3402
Carrie Ann: 10
Len 10
Bruno: 10
Score: 30
Bruno called their performance brilliant. Carrie Ann and Len loved their performance.

JR & Karina
Text: 3410
Carrie Ann: 10
Len: 10
Bruno: 10
Score: 30
I loved their performance. The audience gave a standing ovation in their performance. Carrie Ann called their lift sickest. Len called their performance bloody brillant. Bruno called their dance animal speciality.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Pre-American Music Awards

Hi Everyone,

Chris Harrison, Vanessa Lachey, and Ryan Delvin is hosting On Red Carpet at America Music Award.

Pre-American Music Awards Highlights
It's raining in Los Angles, California.
Jenny McCartney is hosting New Years Eve Celebration in New York City.
Chris was talking with Smokey Robinson.
Joe Jones was talking about his solo album.  Jones Brothers is going be back in 2012.
Venessa is talking with John Legend. John is working with Mariah Carey on a Christmas Song.
Sean is going to introduce Justin Bieber . He is going on Body of Proof.  Sean Kington's Back to Life album comes out in January 2012.
Li Jon performing with Pitbull and Marc Anthony. He said rocking for his mother.
Performering: Hot Chelle Rae
Daughtry is going performing Crawling Back To You tonight.
Ryan was talking to Nickelback about their upcoming album that is going drop tomorrow. They are streaming their album free on itunes.
Cheryl Hines is going introducing Kelly Clarkson.
Chris is talking Jennifer Hudson about shoes, dress, and weight loss. She is presenting New Rap Artist.
Chris is talking to Maroon 5 and LMFAO.
LMFAO is going be closing act at American Music Award.
Chris is talking Matthew Morrison from Glee. He is directing the new christmas episode on Glee.
Vanessa is talking Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino about the new upcoming season "Jersey Shore".
Ryan is talking Gym Class Heroes about their upcoming performs with Adam Levine on stage tonight.
Chris is talking to Taylor Swift. She is flying out to New York City after the awards to close out her tour.
Ryan is talking to Mary about her upcoming album.

Here is twitter feedback on Pre-America Music Awards.

 T. Ashleah 

The AMA pre-show starts now guys! ;)


This!!=>I like Vanessa's dress. I wish her hair was swept to the side so we can see the detail  (via )

 Samantha Lopez (CND) 

  How are the kids??? How excited r u to perform T.H.E???? Don't worry though you'll do great!!! Good Luck :D


OMG so im watching the AMA red carpet and they were interviewing joe jonas and the guys like and this is y u hear...


omfg smokey Robinson is related to LMFAO awww Joe lol AMAappearance back in the day when he tripped


Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino sports hot pink on AMA Red carpet (photos) 

 Akeem Miller 

Back To Life is  New Upcoming Album. He said his favorite track on the album is featuring  he just said that on


so i got nicki minaj take over & ama ahhhhhh nicki is the queen.

 Eric O'Brien (EOB) 

Nickelback is streaming its album on iTunes because that is the only way to trick people into consuming it 


MIXED EMOTIONS RT : -  JUST confirmed on the AMA red carpet that there will be NEW jonas brothers music in 2012.

 Corine Ingrassia 

Vanessa Manillo couldn't want to talk to The Situation any less. Lol awesome.