Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Pre-American Music Awards

Hi Everyone,

Chris Harrison, Vanessa Lachey, and Ryan Delvin is hosting On Red Carpet at America Music Award.

Pre-American Music Awards Highlights
It's raining in Los Angles, California.
Jenny McCartney is hosting New Years Eve Celebration in New York City.
Chris was talking with Smokey Robinson.
Joe Jones was talking about his solo album.  Jones Brothers is going be back in 2012.
Venessa is talking with John Legend. John is working with Mariah Carey on a Christmas Song.
Sean is going to introduce Justin Bieber . He is going on Body of Proof.  Sean Kington's Back to Life album comes out in January 2012.
Li Jon performing with Pitbull and Marc Anthony. He said rocking for his mother.
Performering: Hot Chelle Rae
Daughtry is going performing Crawling Back To You tonight.
Ryan was talking to Nickelback about their upcoming album that is going drop tomorrow. They are streaming their album free on itunes.
Cheryl Hines is going introducing Kelly Clarkson.
Chris is talking Jennifer Hudson about shoes, dress, and weight loss. She is presenting New Rap Artist.
Chris is talking to Maroon 5 and LMFAO.
LMFAO is going be closing act at American Music Award.
Chris is talking Matthew Morrison from Glee. He is directing the new christmas episode on Glee.
Vanessa is talking Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino about the new upcoming season "Jersey Shore".
Ryan is talking Gym Class Heroes about their upcoming performs with Adam Levine on stage tonight.
Chris is talking to Taylor Swift. She is flying out to New York City after the awards to close out her tour.
Ryan is talking to Mary about her upcoming album.

Here is twitter feedback on Pre-America Music Awards.

 T. Ashleah 

The AMA pre-show starts now guys! ;)


This!!=>I like Vanessa's dress. I wish her hair was swept to the side so we can see the detail  (via )

 Samantha Lopez (CND) 

  How are the kids??? How excited r u to perform T.H.E???? Don't worry though you'll do great!!! Good Luck :D


OMG so im watching the AMA red carpet and they were interviewing joe jonas and the guys like and this is y u hear...


omfg smokey Robinson is related to LMFAO awww Joe lol AMAappearance back in the day when he tripped


Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino sports hot pink on AMA Red carpet (photos) 

 Akeem Miller 

Back To Life is  New Upcoming Album. He said his favorite track on the album is featuring  he just said that on


so i got nicki minaj take over & ama ahhhhhh nicki is the queen.

 Eric O'Brien (EOB) 

Nickelback is streaming its album on iTunes because that is the only way to trick people into consuming it 


MIXED EMOTIONS RT : -  JUST confirmed on the AMA red carpet that there will be NEW jonas brothers music in 2012.

 Corine Ingrassia 

Vanessa Manillo couldn't want to talk to The Situation any less. Lol awesome. 

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