Friday, November 18, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Live with Regis and Kelly

Hi Everyone,

Today is the day that Regis Philbin said goodbye to his morning talk show with Kelly Ripa.

Regis's Final Show Highlights
Special Appearence: Donald Trump
Good Morning America / Eyewitness News (NewYorkCity) Reporters and Newscasters in the audience.
A special video montage from Regis's Family
Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave Regis the key to the city.
Joy Philbin tell the honeymoon story to Kelly.
A video montage of Regis's Fans
Kelly wrote farewell speech to Regis and tell him personally from her heart.
Special Show Performance from Rent
Regis is starting get teary-eyed.
Walt Disney President Bob Iger tell Regis that they installed a plaque in his honor in the side of the building.
Regis say goodbye in his farewell speech to the show and his co-host.

Here is twitter feedback on Regis Farewell, and Thank you Regis.

 Cynthia M Acosta 

 for many years of laughter. I hope to someday have as much energy as you! 

 Sam Golden 

 What am I supposed to do now? Bye Regis 

 Bryan Bachman 

Can't believe that today marks the end of an era... Best wishes to Regis, and a huge  for all of the... 


Today is the end of an era...good luck in the future and  we will miss you on Live but look forward to seeing what you do next

 rob nucatola 

 the world of TV just wont be the same!!!

 Tenley Molzahn 

Watching the  -What a special man! I've been watching him since I was a kid!  Regis will be missed!

 for the years of laughter and entertainment. You are going to be missed 


~ Mornings will NEVER BE THE SAME

 Meredith Garofalo 

 Have enjoyed watching you, and hope someday I can too proudly retire from 50 years from the television biz. 2 down, 48 to go!

 Eyewitness News 

Keep those  tweets coming! :) Less than 30 minutes from the farewell show!


 thanks for making my career, Regis and Kelly! Good luck moving on Reeg!

 Erin Blakeley 

I'm already crying watching Regis and Kelly! Can't believe it's Regis' last day :(

 Katie Kershner 

  for EVERY moment of laughter you have given to me over the years! You will be missed! Xoxo

 Rachel Chang 

You've brightened up my mornings since I was 6. You've taught me pop culture can be a career. You're a true inspiration. 

 Mychaela Bardakjy 

I'm laughing, I'm crying.. Regis, we will miss you!  

 Carl Randall 

 Words cannot express the flood of emotions we are feeling!  

 Julie Benz 

Can't believe its Regis Philbin's last day..... thank you for filling our mornings with laughter!! ... 

 Dominic Tufo 

 you will be missed Regis! 

 Brian Stelter 

Kelly Ripa, tearing up, thanks Regis for their decade on the air. "You always wanted to make me feel like a million bucks.

 John McCain 

So long Regis - thanks for the memories! 

 Joanna Pacitti 

Sad to see Regis say goodbye :(

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