Saturday, November 5, 2011

Twitter Feedback: You know when you are Hungry

Hi My Night Owls,

You know when your are hungry was a trending topics on twitter on Thursday September 15, 2011. Here is twitter feedback.


 You keep walking to your Refrigerator knowing Damn well there's nothing there.

 Onew Hearts 

 Alli Speed 

God I love trends -  you really want to eat some food, so you do. and you eat all of it. right? wait, no that's not it...


 you praying over your food and have the fork full of food in your hand.

 Jenna Johnson 

 you look around the house and the only thing you have to eat is prunes but you eat them anyway

 Keep It 100. 

, u finish smoking a blunt.

 Rachel Smith 

 everything you look at reminds you of food. Example: "Dude, doesn't me pencil look like a pretzel stick to you???" LOL

 The Human Scorch 

 you keep walking back to the pantry like maybe some new food will have grown the second time around.

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