Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The X Factor (Season 1)- Week 5 Result

Welcome to the X factor Zone!!! Today is result night and two acts are going home tonight.

Kelly sang "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) from her album Stronger. Steve called her performance extraordinary. He said that Kelly is going on tour in January 2012.

Pepi Choice Performance theme: Circus
Pepi song: Pink-"So What/Raise Your Glass"

Steve called Lakoda Rayne and Drew names separate from the remaining acts. He want Simon and Paula on stage to support their acts. He said that Lakoda Rayne was voted off.  Lakoda Rayne was immediately eliminated from the X Factor Title. They said the dream is not and you going see Lakoda Rayne in concert.

Special Appearance: Howie Mantel 
He was talking about his upcoming show "Mobbed" after the X-Factor tonight.

Bruno Mars sang "It Will Rain" from the movie "Twlight: Breaking Dawn-Part 1". Steve called his performance fantastic.

Steve announced that Chris Rene, Rachel Crow and Josh Krajcik are safe.

After the commercial break, He announced that Melanie Amaro and Astro are safe

Final Showdown: Leroy Bell Vs Marcus Canty

Nicole is getting tear-eyed in Leroy Bell's final performance. Nicole is giving Leroy Bell an standing ovation.

The final votes:
LA Reid:  Leroy
Nicole:  Marcus
Paula: Marcus
Simon: Leroy

Going Home:  Leroy Bell

Steve announced that there is going to be another double elimination next week.

The X Factor Twitter Feedback

 Christina Noelle 
Omg I love Bruno Mars

 Kween Kobra 
I like Bruno live so much more than on record. True singer

 Nicole Scherzinger 
I adore  and I'm sad to see them go. They are beautiful and classy. 

 Siobhan Magnus Fan 
save Astro damnit!! he's the only reason I pay attention to this mess of a show

 Joey Guerra 
Marcus Canty and Leroy Bell are on the chopping block. Is this even a contest? They have to ax Leroy. 

 LOADING . . . 
WTFFF ?! Marcus canty is in the bottom 2 ?! reeeecount pleaseee -__- .

 Jennifer Levine 
SO SHOCKED. Marcus is not going anywhere though. RT: So the real bottom two is Leroy and Astro. Not surprised. 

 sarah #### 
If the judges eliminate Marcus, I'm turning this off and unplugging my TV in a rage. 

Urgh, of course all of Simon's girls are through. How unfortunate, because they're all so bland.  

 Trelynda Kerr 
Marcus has had a case of cotton mouth all night 

 Greg Coy 
 LeRoy is classy and grown folks artist. But this might be his swan song on competition.

 Lesley Maglapit 
Watching  -- this guy Leroy is freaking awesome!!!! Hope he gets to stay!!!

Cant believe this man on xfactor is 60 yrs old lookin like 38...what is he drinkin cuz i want some

 Jason G 
marcus should have been sent home based on performance 

 [ Louise ] 
Shoutout to  for having the world's wost host. Its like he showed up at the wrong set and said "ill give this a whirl"

 Alyson Baxter 
LeRoy Bell should walk up to Chris Rene and congratulate him for being the luckiest man in America right now.  

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