Sunday, November 6, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Fast Food Addiction

Hi My Night Owls,

Everyone has a fast food addiction aleast. Well..Fast food Addiction was a trending topic on twitter in September. My fast food addiction is pizza. Here is twitter feedback on Fast Food Addiction.


If you have a  be careful, you could end up looking like Hagrid


 dipping my fries in my milkshake or Wendy's Frosty .

 (σмנ∂)σн му נ.∂α∂∂у 

 McDonalds....there's something about their fries, that i can't get enough of.

 Mizz Williams 

 Chinese food

 Greg F. 

 taco bell, mcdonalds, burger king, and anything that's open 24 hours. I love to eat :)


.... Mcflurrys. nuff said. <3

 Angelo Lorenzo 

 Cheese Burger


If I were in Cincinnati right now my  would be Gold Star Chili..!


 Taco Bell late nights

 Mara Jaafer 

Seeing  trending makes me only crave fast food

 Stacie Svolos 

 Chick-fil-la all day everyday.

 Theivina Vasudevan 

 Lays and sour cream, kit kat, and moreee

 M. Shawniece 

caramel apple empanadas from taco bell 

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