Sunday, March 31, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Revenage (Season 2, Episode

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Welcome to the Hamptons!!!

Tonight Show Information: Masquerade

Hamptonites celebrate Halloween with a glamorous masquerade ball hosted by the Graysons, which is a perfect setting for Emily to drag out Victoria's skeletons. Jack steps up his revenge plan and finds an unexpected ally, and Aiden makes a bold move a gruesome conclusion.

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Time for . I hope Victoria's other son is just as attractive as Daniel. 😍👍

Emily decides to bring Victoria's skeletons out of the closet during the Graysons' masquerade ball on , Sunday NOW

Wow Nolan really went nerd crazy on his Grayson Global office. Poor kid.

Also, really impressive work by the art department with the NolCorp office. Look at all that detail! WOW.

Nolan Ross already killing it "start your reveng-enes"

"We hide behind that which brings us comfort from pain & sadness or use it to repell a truth too devastating to accept." - Emily

Nothing like ending this Easter day with a spicy episode of

Victoria going to get hurt tonight

Victoria you should have invited Emily you're just giving her more of a reason to destroy you

i just love watching Emily and Victoria fighting

"We don't threaten in two dimensions but we act in three" - Revenge

Emily beheading that black rose gave me a Morticia moment! I thought that was Victoria's job.

haha Jack and Nolan are screwing with Conrad..this is more like it

is my favorite nighttime soap...this looks like a great story for Alex!

If Victoria didn't have an abortion, why did she tell Conrad she did?

Niice queen had another so behind on this show

Whatttt where did Daniel find some balls for that split second?!

"Feel free to use one for each of your two faces." DANIEL GRAYSON

Friday, March 29, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Nikita (Season 3, Episode 15)

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Welcome to Division!!!

Tonight show information.


When Nikita decides Division should take on a government mission to eliminate the President of Chad while he is in Paris, Alex takes a stand and refuses to participate. Upset that Nikita is keeping secrets from everyone, much like Percy did, Alex recruit Birkoff to dig up secrets on Danforth to use as leverage in case things get messy with the government.

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Gonna tweet through tonight, so WARNING!! Spoiler alert and possible TL spamming, sorry!!(not sorry)

Everyone on loves to shoot people in the head.

The guy Beckett threw in the interrogation mirror, is on !

Everybody is going to know about Division..

"As long as the government is calling the shots, we'll never be in control." -- Alex

I agree with the Russian Oil Heiress. "As long as the government is calling the shots, we'll never be in control.

Amanda! Spying on Division's CIA contact! "Why aren't you going Alex? Have nothing to wear?"

How did Amanda get the microphone in there?

Alex, Alex!!! OMG Sean looks really handsome in white!!!

Oh God...... everytime Birkhoff goes in the field he gets kidnapped. Let's not let that happen AGAIN...

but okay, I'm team alex on this one. last episode, I was definitely team nikita. this is sad.

I love BirkOff & Alex scenes.. they are so funny together..

That's how you kill an African politician! Walk up on 'em and blow his brains out . . IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! ha-HA!!!

Why do I have the feeling that there's something about that portrait that Birkoff put his hand on?

"Birkhoff you ever think we are not changing division, its changing us." - Alex

"Ever since you've been back, you've been 'I am Alex. Hear me roar.'" -- Alex

You go Alex, that's how you take control!! Show em whose boss!!

Alex has been the voice of reason lately tbh.

Mass confusion at Division, but Owen is still pretty.

Ms. Udinov is finally standing up for what she believes in

Alex and Nikita fighting in the middle of Ops. Why why why!? You guys are supposed to be like sisters or mom/daughter! What is this!?

That's what I was talking about, Nikita couldn't have kept everyone out of the loop. Alex, just rocked

"Division can survive a lot, but not a war between you two" Ryan Fletcher, You just won a line.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Castle (Season 5, Episode 18)

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Welcome to New York City!!!

Tonight Show Information:

The Wild Rover

Detective Ryan must go back undercover with the Irish mob to solve a murder, but the complicated nature of his departure from original undercover assignment threatens to jeopardize the investigation before ti can even begin.

Here is synopsis feedback.

Omg i heard we get a kiss in the light finally and kate bring on 10pm