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Synopsis Feedback: Once Upon A Time (Season 2, Episode 16)

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Welcome to Storybrooke/The Enchanted Forest!!!

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The Miller's Daughter

The desire Cora hold to take Rumplestiltskin's place as The Dark One become closer to reality, as he lies dying. Snow White/Mary Margaret is again tempted to yield dark magic.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

Jimmy johns and once upon a time make up for the fact that this week will be hell.

 Hook...maybe...oh the suspense is killing me no pun intended

Dear Once Upon A Time, I GET IT!! Someone's gonna die. You've told me that every single day this past week on every single social media!!

Once Upon a Time... I kind of want Henry to die out of everyone else... or Cora

Father-in-law watching that. Wife and ma-in-law watching Once Upon a Time. I'm listening to Mavericks on radio. We're an American family.

So did Cora become evil because of love lost too?  

Rose is amazing. She was great in Charmed and just as awesome in OUAT  

Growing up Rumplestilkin was the one spinning straw into gold if I recall   

 I personally hope that it's Cora because I cannot stand her! 

Once Upon A Time is the strangest show I've ever seen

Omg  was so good and I did see that death coming but damn I'm so scared of   but I still love her as my queen

Once upon a time, I was falling in love, now I'm only falling apart.

Once Upon A Time is just radiating sexual tension... and not the kind I want to see 

Wow this is erotic between Cora and Rumple!  

I really love Regina and hate how much her mother influences her 

Ahh!!!!! Mary Margaret!! She's gonna do it! She's gonna do it!!   

I think Regina is gonna turn against Cora  

As much as I would like Cora to be the one to die, I don't want it to be by Snow's hand! 

Come onSnow! crush her black empty heart! Come over to the dark side, we have cookies!   

I bet Snow is going to kill someone innocent 

Don't do it Snow  . Who will die? i am voting for Cora.

can I have the pretty candle minus the whole take-someone's-life-when-you-light-it part??   

My brain is exploding. Thank you Once Upon a Time

"If the choice is love or power, then even having a heart is a liability." - Cora   

Ooooh. Snow's a manipulative b*tch. Well-played, Once Upon a Time

I don't care about the crocodile, how was Belle a hero who saved her people? She's been completely useless. 

: The casting department for  is spot on. They need to talk to some other shows.. ” So true!

  But she isn't Belle anymore. She's someone else. Will the real Belle remember his words if she every comes back? 

Snow!!! You are a genius!! If Regina does this, I was right!! Just not how I expected it. Wow.  

I'm totally crushing on Rumpelstiltskin right now 

They CAN'T kill off Gold/Rumple!! He's my favorite character. Please let it be the evil hag. 

wow that was a crazy ending i knew that person was going to die but did not know how wow. once upon a time  

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