Sunday, March 3, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Once Upon A Time (Season 2, Episode 15)

Hi My Cyber Zombies,

Welcome to Storybrooke/The Enchanted Forest/New York City!!!

Tonight Show Information:

The Queen Is Dead

Snow White/Mary Margaret pledges to keep The Dark One's dagger away from Cora and Regina. Meanwhile, The Blue Fairy suggests an unorthodox spell to Snow White in order to save her ill fated mother, Queen Eva.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

* I live life with no regrets , because once upon a time that was exactly what I wanted.

How awesome is Snow's Mom....alright who poisoned her!? Always 'da good ones.   

"Happy Birthday dear snow Oops my Daughter was Almost my age" for Once Upon a Time on  

Snow? Mean to a servant? Inconceivable!  

two of the actors from Downton Abbey are on Once Upon A Timethis episode... haha... :)

Tick, tock. Time's up crocodile! O M G  

I bet New Yorkers wouldn't find Hook strange lol. Wonder how he got there??   

Mister gold will always be dark his heart is cold as ice...  

"Help us, Mother Superior! You're our only hope!" 

The more I watch Neil on Once Upon A Time I find him more attractive.. 

Somehow I think this  thing will end badly!  

"We all reach a moment in our lives when we aren't meant to get better." - The Queen   

Dang Blue Fairy, making a little girl take another life for her mama's.   

I think this is seriously by far the most emotional episode of Once Upon a Time ever. How could you do this to us writers? 

"Well there you go. See where good gets you?" - Regina Mills—Once Upon A Time 

Omg!!! "See where good gets you"  . Tearing at the heart!

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