Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breaking News!!! Twitter Feedback: The Federal Communication Commission

The Federal Communication Commission passed new laws that will regulate the internet. Here is twitter feedback report on the Federal Communication Commission who backstabbed the american people.

 Devin Faraci 
 by pulpjedi
Goodbye internet! FCC 'net neutrality' rules passed and the internet has been handed over to corporations.

 Ominous Frog 

From MichaelSavageFeed.com: FCC gives government power to regulate Web traffic 

 Jookos News 

VIDEO In Her Own Words FCC Commissioner Admits She Wants To Take Over Private Internet Networks 

 Larkir Kusakurin 

FCC just voted to end net neutrality. Dear FCC, a hearty FUCK YOU from America. Seriously. Go die.

 Wil Wheaton 
 by RandyFrehse
Wow! Obama lied about enforcing Network Neutrality, too! What a gigantic surprise! I wonder what's next? I can't wait!

 Daniel Henke 
 by ElizabethNerich
GIVE US BACK THE INTERNET FCC Approves Plan to Regulate Internet: 

 The Daily Beast 
 by top_tw_politics
Net Neutrality: There Will Soon Be a Fast Internet for the Rich and a Slow Internet for the Poor  

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