Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blogathon #18: Twitter News: June 22, 2013

Good Morning, Cyber Zombies

The Tweet News Headline for Saturday June 22, 2013.

@Eyewitness News (New York City)
Breaking News: 3 people pull from East River after boat overturns.

@Huffington Post
This "Mad Men" Finale drinking game will ease the pain of the season ending.
100,000 Morsi Supporters attend mass rally in Egypt.

Paula Deen get chopped The Food Network right after her clumsy youtube apology was released.

Google is launching satellites and bimps to bring high speed internet to Africa.

@Reuters Top News
Pentagon flash drive ban has many exceptions
Analysis: After the fed shock, market set for more turmoil

NSA leader Edward Snowden charged with espionage and theft.

@Drudge Report
Nelson Mandela unresponsive, family discussing option.

@The Associated Press
Oman Air Flight make emergency landing in India to bomb scare.

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