Friday, June 21, 2013

Blogathon #9: Soap Opera Synopsis Feedback: General Hospital

Hi Cyber Zombies,

The first soap opera synopsis feedback for General Hospital. 

Today show information:
Carly faces questioning.
Another play is made for ELQ.

Here is the synopsis feedback.

Police tell Dante they found a (the?) weapon.

Duke and Anna are both on again! Now if we could just get one scene of them together?

This trio between Morgan/Kiki/Mikey is not working. In case does not get it, I'm NOT OK with cousins lusting after each other...

Really Shawn and Carly. I love u both but do not talk about the hit that went wrong out in public for everyone can hear.

Please dont use this as way to get rid of shawn I LOVE HIM!!

I really don't see where Alexis gets off, since shes killed twice and walked away *shrugs*

I can't take Morgan seriously when he calls Michael "Mikey".

Franco is so accurate about his assessment of people! LOL

"Living under my roof" - FrancQ on his daughter living at the Q mansion. I love him. But I just can't with the AJ insults.

The writers seriously need to stop with Franco insulting Aj. He hasn't EARNED that right yet no matter how much of a Q he supposedly is.

I wanna see the Morgan and Michael fight !! LMAOOO please !!

Alexis giving Sonny a hard time for using Sean. I think she's about to figure things out

I like Anna putting Carly on the hot seat

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