Friday, June 21, 2013

Blogathon #3: Boing Boing Article about NSA

Hi Cyber Zombies,

I found an article How the NSA leaks may help EFF sue the government into defending its bulk surveillance program by Cory Doctorow that was posted June 18, 2013. Here some of article below:

The "other shoe" in the Edward Snowden NSA leaks has been the potential effect of all these disclosures on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's efforts to force the government to account for itself in court. Since 2005 -- when Mark Klein, a former AT&T worker came into EFF's offices with documentary evidence of a secret room at AT&T's Folsom Street switching center, where the NSA was effectively making a copy of all the traffic on AT&T's network without a warrant -- the EFF has been trying to get the government to explain to a judge why they think this kind of bulk surveillance is legal.

You can read the read of the article at

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