Friday, June 21, 2013

Blogathon #8: Soap Opera Synopsis Feedback: The Bold and The Beautiful

Hi Cyber Zombies,

The first soap opera synopsis feedback for the Bold and the Beautiful.

Today Show Information:

Maya tells Rick she loves him.

Hope takes a photo of a mystery man.

Here is Soap Opera Synopsis Feedback.

RT if you're excited to see the naked dude in the woods!

Oh no... I'm gonna be sick... Damn B&B I have vertigo this doesn't help

Yea, she took her birth control pills, but has she taken her REALITY pills is the question.

I've really missed out. I never knew steffy lost the baby. I never liked her anyway. Messed up hope marriage.

Caroline is right. If I only had a nickel for every time co-stars in Hollywood got romantically involved.

Caroline ! Ur boyfriend hmmm thanks for the correction ur ex boyfriend

RT “: Do you think Caroline's plan to push Maya and Carter together is going to work? ” No, it won't work!!

Somebody should've told Caroline that first loves never work out that's why they're called first loves

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