Friday, June 21, 2013

Blogathon #7: Soap Opera Synopsis Feedback: The Young and the Restless

Hi Cyber Zombies,

This is the first soap opera synopsis feedback on Grace Online.

Today Show Information:

Adam asks Avery, "There's not even a little part of you that hopes Dylan won't find true happiness with Chelsea?"

Chelsea tells Dylan she's happier than she's ever been in her life and just wishes this feeling could last forever. He asks, "Why can't it?"

Dylan has a romantic evening planned for Chelsea.

Neil and Leslie decide to make a move against the blogger. 

Here is Synopsis Feedback:

Young & The Restless @YRInsider
HAPPY FRIDAY FANS!! Billy tries to make things right with Victoria, Adam gets to know Melanie, and Dylan's got a surprise for Chelsea!

My heart broke for poor Villy.....they just can't catch a break.

Chelsea need a dose of reality, cause this is turning into a trailer park Maury scene.

Breaking News: The blogger isn't Rose at all. It's Molly. She's blackmailing Neil

Billy went from not being terrified of Victoria knowing he was gambling to praying that she actually believes he is gambling. LOL

My one wish for today is Michael finally knocks out Carmine!!!

Poor Billy, stuck with a psycho wife. Sharon should give Victoria her pills, it's not like she's taking them.

Kill Carmine,- please ... I am watching "The Young and the Restless" even more entertaining!

Lauren, you shouldn't have brought Michael. at that restuarant

Chelsea gets on my nerves her lies got her with this good guy

Chelsea and Dylan have chemistry. No denying that. Damn, look at that eye chemistry. 1st class! I'm 60/40 again. So wishy washy.

"Picture me changing diapers. saying goo goo, possibly gaga." Oh Adam.

Yay! Avery is on today's show. Bright spot. Hair looking flawless again! is just perfect I've decided. ;)

Carmine is really asking for it! & why In the heck would Michael & Lauren go eat at the very place he works at?! STUPID!!!

Adam, if you did infact chase her away, I sincerely thank you! *hugs*

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