Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Synopsis Feedback: Mistress (Season 1, Episode 1)

Hi Cyber Zombies,

Summer Synopsis Feedback continues with the United Kingdom import Mistresses. Four girlfriend who lean each other as they navigate relationships and seek self-discovery.

Tonight Show information:


Savi becomes attached to a charming co-worker and April begins receiving mysterious phone call.

Here is Summer Synopsis Feedback.

on tonight; I hope this becomes my new guilty pleasure.

The therapist was having an affair with her patient? o.o

about to come on, im thinkn this is a must see, mebbe my new summer obsession

As a married woman, I don't think I want to watch a show titled .

not enough wine to tolerate the rest of . bring on the .

The and the premiere of is tonight. I am in girl heaven! Monday night is my new wine night.

being slotted right after was a smart marketing move. Looking at you, ABC.

I can't wait to see the series.... It's going to be so juicy, yet scandalous & conniving at the same time

Can't wait for the season premiere of Mistresses! 👯💗

I'm ready to watch this new show . I have been looking for a new guilty pleasure to replace Desperate Housewives

is probably going to be my new favorite show

yup this my new fav show, it started w/ a sexual scene

Nooo, they killed John Schneider off on the first show!?

Lord gonna have another Fitz and Olivia couple!

You better clean that counter down with some Lysol wipes if you have a showing.....

Yeah, and when he's done with you he will evict you. Get your name on that title.

How did someone make an appointment with me? Do devious!

is getting slammed on the live chat on .com Guess Bachelorette viewers don't like seeing the other side of the romance coin.

Dominic's giving a whole new meaning to the 5 minute rule.

Getting so hot watching ... Especially after all those HOT guys on

Karen prescribed her patient and lover lethal doses of morphine?!? Lawddd she was reckless.

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