Friday, October 15, 2010

Jillian Michaels Fights Back After Being Called A Fraud

If you think Jillian Michaels is tough on "The Biggest Loser," just wait until you see how she responds when she's called a fraud.

After a scathing personal attack in the LA Times that questioned the fitness trainer's credentials, Michaels told, "Apparently I'm an actress. Shame on the Los Angeles Times for saying I'm a fraud and not a trainer."

The 36-year-old reality star added, "I currently own two certifications, one of which doesn't expire. I developed my own continuing education program for trainers, with sports medicine doctors. I've been a trainer since I was 17-years-old for 19 years."

The allegations stem from writer James Fell who released theno-holds-barred op-ed in the LA Times earlier this week stating, "Michaels is not actually a real fitness trainer -- she's an actress playing the role of fitness trainer on TV and in a line of popular DVDs." He went on to discuss her "regular displays of poor technique and unsafe training practices" along with her lack of credentials to teach amateurs how to use kettle bells in her latest DVD, Shred-It With Weights.

This is not the first time Michaels' training techniques have been called into question.

Just this week, fellow That's Fit writer and Spinning instructor pointed out the bad form contestants had while cycling and rowing. Michaels failed to correct their alignment, instead choosing to scream at them to go harder. The rower ended up throwing his back out.

In another instance, a Master Spinning Instructor called her out for engaging in unsafe spinning practices with "The Biggest Loser" contestants, referring to it as "horrendous" and with a "rampant disregard for safety." And, in a previous That's Fit post, James Fell -- the same writer who penned said LA Times article, also questioned her credibility to teach yoga on her DVD without proper yoga certifications.

The show has long-since been under fire by health experts for unsafe and irresponsible weight loss techniques. Last season, That's Fit wrote about contestants who collapsed and were hospitalized due to dehydration, urinating blood, heat stroke and pushing themselves to the brink of exhaustion.

Regardless, Michaels told Us Magazine she plans to take legal action against the LA Times: "I'm going after them. They didn't do any of their homework. They flat-out [lied]. It's defamation, it's libel, it's full-on."

Tell us what you think. Is Michaels a safe and qualified fitness professional? Or does her celebrity status outweigh her instructor abilities?

Credit: Thats Fit

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