Friday, October 22, 2010

Attention NY Voters!!!

Board of Elections Prints Millions of Ballots with Instructions Error

The ballots tell voters to fill in the oval "above or next to" the candidate's name, when they should fill out the oval below.
By Olivia Scheck
DNAinfo Reporter/Producer
MANHATTAN — Yet another ballot bungle has observers issuing a vote of no confidence for the New York City Board of Elections.

The agency, which came under heavy fire during September's primary election, has now printed millions of ballots with instructions that are just plain wrong, the Brennan Center for Justice at the NYU School of Law pointed out this week.
While the instructions tell voters, "To vote for a candidate whose name is printed on this ballot fill in the oval above or next to the name of the candidate," the correct oval is, in fact, below the name of the candidate.

To remedy the botched ballots, the Board of Elections has promised to post proper instructions (informing voter to choose the oval below the candidates name) in every privacy booth and distribute palm cards to that effect, according to WNYC.
The Board was previously embroiled in controversy in September, after Mayor Michael Bloomberg dubbed their introduction of the new electronic voting system "a royal screw up." The agency later defended itself against the mayor attacks, and a survey, commissioned by the board, suggested that primary day wasn't a total fiasco.
But on the same day that the survey results were released, word got out the Board of Elections had missed the deadline for sending absentee ballots to New York City soldiers stationed overseas, raising fears that their votes might not count towards the Nov. 2 elections.
Credit: DNA Info

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