Friday, October 29, 2010

New York 2010 Election Guide-Part 1

Andrew Cuomo (D)
Carl Paladino (R)

Attorney General
Eric  Schneiderman (D)
Daniel Donovan (R)

Thomas DiNapoli (D)
Harry Wilson (R)
John Gaetani (L)
Rus Thompson (T)

New York State Senate
All 62 seats of the New York State Senate will an election. District 1 to 62

New York State Assembly
All 150 seats of the New York State Assembly will an election. District 1 to 150

United States Senate
Chuck Schumer (D) Incumbent
Jay Townsend (R)

Special Election
Joe DioGuardi (R)
Kristen Gillbrand(D) Incumbent

US House of Representative

District 1
Tom Bishop (D) Incumbent
Randy Altschuler (R)

District 2
Steve Isreal (D) Incumbent
John Gomez (R)

District 3
Peter T. King (R) Incumbent
Howard Kudler (D)

District 4
Carolyn McCarthy(D) Incumbent
Francis Becker (R)

District 5
Gary Ackerman (D) Incumbent
Dr. James Milano (R)
Elizabeth Berney (T)

District 6 
Gregory Meek (D) Incumbent
Asher Taub (R)

District 7
Joe Crowley (D) Incumbent
Ken Reynolds (R)
Anthony Gronowicz (G)

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