Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Twitter Feedback: Rules of Twitter

Hi My Cyber Zombies,

The twitter feedback has return to Grace Online. People are tweeting their rules for twitter. Rules of Twitter is a worldwide trending topic on twitter. My twitter rules on twitter are:

-always be honest.
-fight what you believe in
-keep twitter free from #SOPA, #PIPA, #ACTA and #CISPA.

Here is twitter feedback on the Rules of twitter.

 If you don't like a person's tweets, simply unfollow. No need to make a big deal out of it.

 thou shalt learn the difference between "your" and "you're" before tweeting

: leave your feelings at the login.

 . Dont be putting myspace names as your name . example : baddest chick or i get money

 : don't argue with your bf/gf over twitter. Everybody don't need to know your business.

 don't steal other people's tweets

 don't complain about someone's tweets . If you don't like what they tweet , there's a button that says UNFOLLOW . Use it 

 learn the difference between "they're" "there" and "their" before tweeting

 Retweeting is flattering, but there's a time limit of RT before it looks creepy... Don't RT something I tweeted 3 days ago.

 Don't be a Twitter Gangsta.... 🔫💂💂... If you can be about that life behind the screen, when I see you, you gon LEAN

 absolutely no D.R.A.M.A, Dumb Retards Asking for More Attention.

Do not expect people to listen to the music links you send them

Do not expect celebrities to pay any attention to you. Do not tweet them more than twice a day with "follow me plz plz plz"

 don't unfollow someone or complain because they tweet too much...that's kinda the point...

 Dont Copy And Paste Peoples Tweets. Just Hit The Retweet Button (:

 Dont judge what people tweet.

 thou shall not excessively enjoy tweeting from the computer.

 this is MY twitter, MY twitter, MY tweets, which means I tweet whatever I want on MY twitter, got it? ☺👍👌

": Never tell people they tweet to much. This isn't dumb Facebook." Amen to that!!!

 zombies can be a part of it

 stop trying to rep team iPhone when clearly your tweeting from a black berry

 = free mind or not

 dont try to hide anything, it's impossible

 keep tweeting until u get a lot followers

Don't use hash tags on that thing they call Facebook it's was created on twitter leave it there 

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