Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tweet News: July 25, 2013

Good Afternoon, Cyber Zombies,

The Tweet News Headlines for July 25, 2013.

Breaking: Coast Guard says fire is out at Natural Gas well off Louisiana coast, hours

@Drudge Report
Weiner admits to three cyber-trysts since resigning from Congress.

Rep. Mike Pompeo say NSA's Metadata Program is a result of the "Government is supposed...."

@CNN Politics
Pelosi blasts Weiner, Filner: Do your therapy in private.

@Yahoo Canada Music
Allision Iraheta & Halo Circus sign a record deal.

Pope Francis blasted selfishness and corruption during his visit to Brazilian slum today.

@Breaking News
Dallas Cowboys sell stadium naming right to AT&T; venue will be AT&T Stadium.

@HuffPost Politics
Obama reacts to Spain train tragedy.

Google Boss has amazing $15 million sex fortress.

@Atlantic Wire
Death toll in the syrian civil tops 100,000 with even more refugees.

Julian Assange launches Wikileaks Party in Australia.

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