Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tweet News: January 6, 2015

Good Afternoon, My Cyber Zombies!!!

The Tweet News Headlines for January 6, 2015.

@The Associated Press
Breaking: Republican formally assume control of senate: Mitchell McConnell is new Senate Majority Leader.

Why Verizon want to by AOL?

NYPD Officer injured in shootout didn't appreciate a hospital visit from Mayor Bill de Blasio.

@Reuters Top News
Republican push Keystone XL Bill with plan to skirt any veto.

@Drudge Report
More than 500 Flights Cancelled.
High Noon, on Gulf Coast: Canada, Sauli oil set for showdown.

@Eyewitness News
Gov. Andrew Como eulogizes father "He believed that "not to invest" in the progress of others was a disservice to the whole.

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