Wednesday, February 15, 2012

American Idol (Season 11)- The Group Round AKA Idol Plague

Today is group day on American Idol. Ken told the idol hopefuls that they have to pick singers from day one and day two together. Many contestants were dropping like flies with exhausted or Idol Flu.

The Betties
Jennnifer M
Cherice Tucker
Cari Q

Judge Verdict: Jennifer and Cari is going to advance to next round.

Groove Sauce- Hold On
Reed Grimm
Creighton Frakker
Aaron Marcellus
Jen Hirch

Judge Verdict: The Judges were impressed with their harmony, and there singing were in sync. All the members of Groove Sauce moved through to the next round.

The Judges said that Groove Sauce has raised the bar in the group performance.

Six, Seven, Nine-Hit Em Up Style
Kyle Crew
Brielle Von Higel
Joshua L
Shannon Magane

Judge Verdict: Shannon, Brielle, Amber, and Joshua are moved on.

Make You Believers-More Than a Feeling
Dustin Cunioff
Amy Brumfield

Judge Verdict: Manathee is only one in the group that is move to the next round. Dustin, Amy, Jackie, and 

Those Girls & Guy-Stuck Like Glue
Christan Lopez
Alisha Bernhart
Samantha N

Judges Verdict: Nothing of them moved through to next round. 

A member of Area 451 collapsed and medical was called. 

The Hollywood Five Mercy
Eben Franckewitz
Gabi Carrubba
David Lathers, Jr.
Jeremy Rosado

Judges Verdict: All of them went to next round.

Area 451
Johnny Keyser
Imani Handy

 Judges Verdict: Johnny Keyser is the only one that is going through.

Going Home: Simone and WT Thompson

Final Group: MIT
Richie Law
Phillip Phillips

Judge Verdict: All of MIT are going through to next round

Going to Next Round: Erika Van Pelt, Haille Day, Adam Brock, and Elise Testone

Final Day in Hollywood Round

Only 98 contestants are remaining in the competition. 

Joshua - Jars of Hearts
Colton Dixon
Phillip Phillips
Jen Hirsh
Creigthon Fraker
Shannon Magrane
Reed Grimm-Georgia on my mind
Sklyar Laine-You Lie
Rachelle Lamb-The House that Built Me
Adam Brock-Georgia on my mind

The Room Decision

Room 1-Safe
Room 2-Safe
Room 3-not going through
Room 4-Safe

Tomorrow Night: Las Vegas, Nevada Round

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