Tuesday, February 28, 2012

American Idol (Season 14) - The Guys

Welcome to American Idol Live Show!!! The guys are going to perform tonight. Only top five guys plus one is going to advance into top 12.

The Song choice are:

Reed Grimm-Move Like Jagger (Maroon 5)
Judge Verdict: 
Randy loved his song choice.Jennifer loved blues and jazzy side Reed. Steven loved Reed's voice.

Adam Brock-Think (Aretha Franklin)
Text 5702
Judge Verdict:
Steven called Adam's performance brilliant.

Deandre "The Lady Killer" Brackensick-The Reason (Eire,Wind and Fire)
Text: 5703
Judge Verdict:
Steven called Deandre's voice beautiful. Randy called him the most commercial artist.

Colton Dixon Decode(Paramore)
Text: 5704
Judge Verdict:
Randy says that he loves Paramore. He said It's about time on Idol that we have our little Indie Alt rock singer in the house. Jennifer called him relevant artist. She visualized seeing him on the radio.

Jeremy Rosado- Gravity (Sara Bareilles)
Text: 5705
Judge Verdict:
Steven called his performance beautiful. Randy was impressed with the moment in the song.

Aaron Marcellus-Never Can Say Goodbye(Jackson 5)
Text: 5706
Judge Verdict:
All three judges gave Aaron an standing ovation. Randy called Aaron a old school veteran.
Jennifer said that she believed him and his performance.

Chase Likens-Storm Warning (Hunter Hay)
Text: 5707
Judges Verdict:
Steven told Chase  Welcome to American Idol Cowboy. Jennifer said his performance sound great. Randy told Chase that he have skill and range.

Creighton Fakker- True Color (Cyndi Lauper)
Text: 5708
Judges Verdict:
Jennifer told America got their work cut because there too many great voices in this competition. She want him to stay in competition. Steven called his performance is stupendous. Randy was impressed with his performance.

Philip Phillps- In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins)
Text: 5709
Judges Verdict:
Jennifer Lopez compared him to Scott and Lauren from last season of idol. She said that he is most special talent person we found. Steven told Philip that you made the song beautiful.
Randy compared Philip to Dave Matthews. He want Philip stick with the medley in the song.

Eban Franckwitz-Set Fire to the Rain(Adele)
Text: 5710
Judges Verdict:
Randy called Eban's performance mad cool. He noticed that Eban was flat in the middle of the song. Randy said Eban nailed the ending of the song. Jennifer called him a great performer. Steven called Eban's voice beautiful. Steven want Eban to listen to blues records.

Heejun Han-Angels (Robbie Wiliams)
Text: 5711
Judges Verdict:
Jennifer said that Heejun's voice is silk and velvety. Steven wasn't crazy with Heejun's song choice but love his voice. Randy didn't like his song choice because it didn't show his range in his voice in Heejun's previous performance that he did in the past.

Joshua "Manlinda" Ledat
Text: 5712
Judges Verdict:
Joshua got an standing ovation from the judges. Randy loves Joshua's singing. H Jennifer called his performance amazing and she want to punch him Steven said that Joshua's voice is the world is waiting for.

Jermaine "The Gentle Giant" Jones-Dance with My Father (Luther Vandross)
Text: 5736
Judges Verdict:
Jermaine got standing ovation from the judges. They are happy with their decision to bring him back in the competition.

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