Monday, April 1, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Castle (Season 5, Episode 19)

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Tonight Show Information:

The Lives of Others

When an injury leaves him bedridden, Castle becomes convinced that he has witnessed a murder-but with no body, no evidence and no other witnesses, Beckett starts to wonder if his writers's imagination is getting the better of him.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

She doesn't look like she's ever eaten a "fry"

Oh! has a broken kneecap! I had one of those!!

Was Kate just called Katherine but 's Mother ???

Espo and Ryan totally just did the Charlie's Angels pose....ROFL!!

"Why are men such babies when they get sick or injured?"- Beckett

"An IRS agent who actually enjoyed her job." LIKE I SAID, AN AMERICAN HERO!

Ooh Castle spying on the neighbors with binoculars.
"Maybe next time you'll think twice about being cheating cheaters."

and castle spying on his neighbours until he eventually witnessed a murder!! omg

Castle: "No, no, no, no, no! Don't take the knife!"

Only he would witness a murder like a peepin Tom

Wow-dis man just killed d girlfriend/wife bc he suspects she cheating.Damn-its not dat serious.Just dump them instead of kill them

"You have a vivid imagination, and you've been stuck inside for two weeks." Beckett with the real talk

OMG we get a bedroom scene omg this episode to cute

Should have gotten a telescoping camera instead.

THANK YOU, . Stop feeding her immature relationship issues.

It's understandable that Beckett doesn't believe the "Rear Window" story, but implying is delusional and/or lying is really mean.

just needs to stay away from those binoculars and the window. He's gonna drive himself and Beckett crazy. Idiot...

Revolution is on! is on! is the better show right now! Hawaii Five-0 is a rerun so that's good!

Nothing like watching a show about a writer

Castle, it's April fools, this murderer guy in the window has to be an actor! It's all a setup!


c'mon Castle, breaking in on crutches?? really?? not your brightest idea

that was the dumbest thing you have ever done. Yet.

Watching Castle creep on his neighbors! Love this show! Lol

"When you do it, it's an illegal search; when I do it, it's illegal."

some screenwriter somewhere is mad at you pointing out the flaw in their telecommunications continuity! LOL.

Beckett and Alexis are master birthday gifters. 😉

Beckett is even dressed up in a style similar to Grace Kelly!

my goodness beckett is awesome at her job!...she is shaking this chick down...

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