Sunday, September 29, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Once Upon A Time (Season 3, Episode 1)

Hi Cyber Zombies,

Welcome to Neverland!!!

Season 2 Season Finale Recap (And Straight on 'Til Morning)
- Captain Hook and Simee welcome Bealfire aboard the Jolly Roger.
- Hook argees to protect Bea, knowing he is Rumplestikin's son, and to not let Peter Pan find out Bae is on the ship.
-In Storybrooke, Greg and Tamara begin the trigger to destroy the town.
-Regina uses all her powers in an attempt to delay the trigger.
-Mr. Gold frees Lacey of her fake memories bringing her back as Belle.
-Emma and Regina join forces to absorb the engry and stop the trigger.
-Greg and Tamara kidnap Henry and use their bean to transport to Neverland.

Tonight Show Information

The Heart of the Truest Believer

In search of Henry, Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Regina, Mr.Gold and Hook travel to Neverland, where they meet threatening mermaids. Meanwhile, Henry and another boy attempt to escape from the Lost Boys and Peter Pan.  In Enchanted Forest, a still-recovering Neal and Mulan embark on a quest to discover the fate of Henry and Emma.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

After a story book afternoon, I'm so excited to take a trip to STORYBROOKE (& neverland)! Who's watching the premiere of 2nite?!

My family is obsessed with that once upon a time show

"I will always find you" - Snow White and Prince Charming [once upon a time] 💜

Once Upon a Time is honestly the most perfect show ever

No one and nothing can contain my excitement for the return of tonight!!!!

So happy tonight is the season premiere of Once Upon A Time.

Once Upon A Time Season 3: Mermaids, Robin Hood & Emma's ...

Two things: Robin Hood is hot. Peter Pan is cute. Like EXTREMELY cute

"Actually, I Quite Fancy You From Time To Time When You're Not Yelling At Me." -Hook

Whaaaaat??? Regina out of the way? I don't think you would last long without her out there guys...

Why be saved when you can save yourself, like I'm about to? BOOM, saved! That was a close one, me!

Emma's power is that she's a mother. That's what the Lost Boys and Peter really want.

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