Friday, January 24, 2014

Synopsis Feedback: General Hospital

Hi My Cyber Zombies,

Welcome to Port Charles, New York!!!

Today on General Hospital:
Duke and Julian's showdown.

Here is Synopsis Feedback on General Hospital.

#GH ways to throw a monkey wrench and start a triangle! Lucas!

#GH Lulu needs her son returned to her already.

Poor Lucy...She's totally torn!! #GH

I can't wait for Lucas and Brad today. #GH

Brad/Lucas/Felix day!! The onscreen gay trio! #GH

Scott Baldwin & Lucy and now Lucas/Brad!! #GH

Lucas is such a little hoe. #GH

Julian + A Gun = So Sexy!!! #GH

Why do the Jeromes underestimate Sonny so much? #GH

Duke, Sonny and Shawn against Julian. #GH

Sonny and his empty threats. #GH

Brad had a father that was a gangster

Please don't make Lucas the Teresa Lopez-Fitgerald of #GH It's Destiny, Ethan, Don't you feel it? #Passion

Duke giving a McBeatDown. #GH

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