Friday, January 24, 2014

Synopsis Feedback: Y&R

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Today on The Young and The Restless:

Billy knows the truth on who killed Delia.

Here is the synopsis feedback.

I can not wait till Jack find out that Adam covered up possibly hitting Delia. #YR

Ian is a creeper!!!  #YR

Avery trying to be sexy and hot during her love scene with Dylan. #YR

#Chadam and Conner getting their picture taken! #YR

Victor is darkening Victoria's door. #YR

Billy: " You son of B***. You killed my daughter." #YR

Ian is scaring Nikki. #YR

Time to fire the Newman guards. #YR

I wouldn't want to be in a room with Ian Ward. Not even home, and I have the Goosebumps. #YR

Chelsea world will be crashed soon. #YR

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