Thursday, December 1, 2011

The X Factor (Season 1) -Week 6 Result

Welcome to the X Factor Zone!!! Today is result night and another two acts are going home tonight. Steve said over 16 million votes were cast last night.

The Top 7 sang Michael Jackson - Man in Mirror.

Steve announced that Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, and Rachel Crow are safe in the final five.

Tinie Tempah sang Pass from "Disc-Overy" He is coming out with another album in 2012.

After the break, Steve announced that Josh Krajick is safe.

Steve announced Astro is going home.

Final Showdown: Marcus vs. Drew

Final Votes
LA: Drew
Nicole: Drew
Paula: Drew
Simon: Marcus

Going Home: Drew

Here is The X Factor Feedback:
It's  time. Man In The Mirror. Mixed feelings.
Does Simon expect us to believe he doesn't know the results? 
None of these X Factor contestants excite me! Rachel annoys me but I think she is the only one with star quality!
Wasnt home last night to watch XFactor but watching now Josh and Melanie still my favorites w/Marcus and Rachael close seconds
The 3rd safe act is: Rachel Crow. I am starting to get REALLY scared for my favorites.
 Hayley Orrantia 
Shocked at the x factor results so far. I have no idea who is going home. This is weird.
 Andrea L. 
Josh mudered Dirty Diana last night but he's not going anywhere! I love Markus so if I had my way buh-bye Drew & Astro!
Astro will do fine he's got a big fan base IMO
 Siobhan Magnus Fan 
Seriously Drew could take a dump in the middle of the stage and the judges will still vote off Marcus.
 Hayley Orrantia 
Woah. Astro goes home??? He has so many fans, the show might struggle without him and I know I'll be missing him.
 Siobhan Magnus Fan 
Why America??? Astro was the life of the party 
 Andrea L. 
This swan song is the STUPIDEST idea ever!! It's who was more consistent this whole time!! Just go by votes ffs!! 
I like Marcus, but drew has this locked down, I know it.
 Andrea L. 
Drew was soo off-key...Markus FTW!! 

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