Friday, December 16, 2011

The X Factor (Season 1) - Week 8 Result (12/15/11 Post)

Welcome to the X Factor Zone!!! One out of four acts are going home tonight. Florence and the Machine and Nicole Scherzinger are going perform tonight.

The final four sang "No Diggity" by Blackstreet

Steve was talking the X Factor Audition in 2012. They are going announce audition dates on the x factor website.

Florence and the Machine sang "Shake It Out" from Ceremonials. Steve was impressed with Florence and the Machine performance. Steve announced that the result is after the break.

Steve announced that Chris Rene and Melanie Amaro are safe.

Nicole Scherzinger sang "Pretty" from her upcoming album "Killer Love". Simon was seating in Nicole's chair and was critique her performance. He was impressed with her performance.

After the commercial break, Steve is going announce the final act is going be safe or not. Melanie and Chris thank their supporter behind the stage.

Steve announced that Josh Krajick is safe.

Going home: Marcus Canty

Here is the twitter feedback on the X factor result:


This is pretty much one of my favorite group performances ever. 


I really hope American Idol contestants won't have mashups next year, but I'm sure they will copy that and call themselves original.

 √Paris Primeau 

 results!! Ahhh! All I know is Josh & Melanie better be in finales!
 Simon Cowell 

I am very very nervous.

I am excited to see Florence + The Machine! ()
 Nicole Scherzinger 

I'm so excited for tonight! God be with me! 

Florence Welch is perfect. I love her.
 Trini Trent 

it's great to see Melanie performing an uptempo. Josh is not here for this though 
 Trini Trent 

Steve Jones tampon needs adjusting. He seems very upset. Slip him a Midol 
 Mike Milan 

I almost want Marcus to send Josh home to give Nicole the ultimate gag 
 Julie Chang 

Man....I guess America really loves ! Who do u think is going home tonight on 

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