Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twitter Feedback: Here's to 2012

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!!! This is the twitter feedback of the new year. Here's to 2012 is a worldwide trending topic on twitter on Saturday December 31, 2011/Sunday January 1, 2012. Here is twitter feedback on Here's to 2012.

 Kevin McHale 
Hope everyone's having an incredible and safe NYE!!! Here's to2012!!! Cheeeeeeers!

 Justin Bieber Fan 
Here's to 2012. New Year. New Music. New Challenges. New Awards. but still Kidrauhl.   :)

Here's to you. Here's to me. Here's to 2012. May it be the most incredible year of our lives yet.

 Matt Pyzdrowski 
Here's to 2012. Reach for the stars, dream big & dream often. Don't let anyone ever tell you somethings not possible. Follow Your Dreams!!!

 Miranda ♥ 
Here's to 2012, hopefully this years bring me many fangirl moments and a lot of success for my boys.

 Kween Kobra 
 Here's to 2012 being your best, most successful & happiest year ever! Happy New Year!!!

 Oday Manaseer 
celebrate this new year's eve like it was your last and will never happen again .. sincerely the Mayans  Here's to 2012

 female boss. 
Here's to 2012, live it with no regrets.

 Kyle Gavit 
Here's to 2012, may the new year bring peace to everyone. May all the wishes be fulfilled and may everyone find joy in life.

 J. Patrick Wise 
Here's to 2012 In this new year,  Take the divinely inspired risk. With God nothing is impossible!

 DJ, spin that shit 
Dear people, celebrate new year as if it's your last, here's to 2012! Love, the mayans

 Sue Cohen (nee Kaye) 
Happy New Year and here's to 2012 being a truly good year for one and all 

 Elaina Henderson✔♥™ 
Here's to 2012, may you be filled with many amazing opportunities

Very glad to end 2011, which I will look at as the "green room" of my life. Happy new year everyone -- here's to 2012.

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