Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twitter Feedback: How to end up on TMZ

Hi Everyone,

First of all, I can't believe that I'm doing a blog entry on TMZ. How to end up on TMZ is a worldwide trending topic on twitter. How to end on TMZ was starting by TMZ itself.  People are tweeting different ways on how to get on TMZ.

Here is twitter feedback on How to end up TMZ.

 Matt Denton 

Apparently  is trending right now on Twitter. Is this a really a life goal of anyone? I mean, anyone who isn't insane.

 Briiii Gaskarth ♥ 

 something embarassing, stupid or scandalous? lol


 Pull An Amber Cole Stunt Instant Fame :)

 Jessica Bratcher 

Hang out with Russell Brand 

 natasha smiley © 

Claim to be Brad Pitts secret lover 

Compliment Harvey on his rendition of 'My Way' 

 Omar Gaber ✔ 

 throw a tantrum about not being on TM

 Hector Garza 

 Jump in front of camera while TMZ is harassing a celeb.

 Tune Light 

 change your last name to "Kardashian

 Taylor Newsom® 

 name your celebrity child something ridiculous like Blue Ivy

 Davide Polini 

 be in the same jail cell as Lindsay Lohan

 Atourina Moulden 

Punch the TMZ camera man while he's doing an interview 

 ryan ferreira 

So  was trending before... I think SOMEONE may know a thing or two about that...... Watch your step.

 Duncan Mitchel 

Be original with you're own written composition's and you will come on TMZ! 

 WTT: Define Now 

New trend [] spotted. Help explain why at What The Trend. 

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