Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twitter Feedback: Why SOPA is Dangerous

Hi Everyone,

Why SOPA is dangerous is a worldwide trending on twitter. People are tweeting why SOPA is dangerous on twitter. The internet and Grace Online is going on strike tomorrow against SOPA and PIPA.

Here is twitter feedback on Why SOPA is dangerous.

 Ben Ramsey 
It's awesome to see that "Why SOPA Is Dangerousis finally a global trending topic on Twitter.  

Why SOPA Is Dangerous: if we lost Twitter, we'd be tempted to actually follow people in real life & that wouldn't be too good...

Why SOPA is Dangerous? Same reason NDAA PIPA and EEA are dangerous. LOOK IT UP! You owe it to your country to do so AMERICA!

 Brandon Wenerd 
Why SOPA Is Dangerous: It's going to take a lot of the fun out of the Internet. Here's why 

Why SOPA Is Dangerous bcz the internet is the only tool that keeps our leaders in check, & our leaders r trying to shut it down

 Jacob Mackenzie Cook 
"Why SOPA is dangerousis trending. It's about time! Internet blackout tomorrow between 8:00a and 8:00p EST to protest SOPA. Participate!

Why SOPA Is Dangerous ? Because all that we do on internet will be controlled by lots of enterprises that agrees with SOPA

 Amparo Muñoz-Colín 
Why  is dangerous TT in Twitter. Good. 

 Ruthi Taboada 
Why SOPA Is Dangerous: because it is kind of communism

 Francis Niemkiewicz 
Why SOPA is dangerous. It's not. It's the perfect answer to piracy.

 Jon A 
Why SOPA Is Dangerous - FINALLY this is trending. SOPA/PIPAis something ALL internet users need to be aware of - seriously

 Devonna McCarthy 
people hit you for no reason  SOPA is Dangerous

 Nick Maclaren 
The limitation of free goddamn speech is why SOPA is dangerous, you don't need to be intelligent to see that.

 SinR McSinR 
Why SOPA Is Dangerous... Imagine a world where FREE SPEECH is censored. You can't speak your mind or you will be BLACKLISTED from everything

Whoa. I was tweeting all that SOPA stuff earlier, & NOW "WhySOPA is Dangerousis trending? o.O

 Carly Campbell 
Why SOPA Is Dangerous - It'll take away your rights as a human

 Kevin G. 
Why SOPA is Dangerous: Because we couldn't write a simple menssage in a social network like this one.

Why SOPA is Dangerous because it would turn the internet into a police state all over the world and take away basics right and freedoms.

Why SOPA Is Dangerous: It will be the end of the internet as we know it. They'll shut down any website that disagrees with the mainstream.

 Kevin Lilly 
Why SOPA Is Dangerous...it gives more power to these corrupt politicians, who are sure to abuse it

 Genevieve Cocoa 
Why SOPA Is Dangerous is could potentially hurt an already frail weak US economy and not only that can effect other countries. Not Right!

 Genevieve Cocoa 
Why SOPA Is Dangerous Don't let this news be censored! You need to know what SOPA is! It WILL kill the internet. Keep this a TT!!

 Jayy Live 
Seriously, though, it's you guys' government trying to do this; you owe it to the WORLD to know why SOPA is dangerous, and put a stop to it.

 Carol Viana 
"Why SOPA is dangerousis trending worldwide. Yet, we barely see any reference to it on the news. Let's see if that changes tomorrow.

 Victoria Salvatore 
Educate yourselves, or before we know it.. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Tumblr will be censored or gone! Why SOPAis Dangerous

Why SOPA Is Dangerous: Because you can kiss good bye to that internet where you could know and share and learn and express yourself freely.

 Alejandro Palomo 
Why SOPA is Dangerous? Nobody will be able to share anything Online. Nobody will use the Internet with Freedom. Stop .

 Edward Louis 
Why SOPA is dangerous? Because websites like Youtube, Twitter and Wikipedia will stop existing and not only those. We won't have freedom!

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